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Fans Mourn The Loss of Beloved Actors Russell Johnson and Dave Madden

Fans Mourn The Loss of Beloved Actors Russell Johnson and Dave Madden

FANS MOURN THE LOSS OF BELOVED ACTORS RUSSELL JOHNSON AND DAVE MADDEN – America has lost two beloved actors within the last 24 hours; Russell Johnson, the witty professor from Gilligan’s Island and Dave Madden, who played Mr. Kincaid from The Partridge Family.

The 70’s was a time when television was safe, if not just a bit controversial.  In the age of divorce, rock and roll, war and political unrest, television was an escape into humor at the life around us that was often confusing and troubling.

The Partridge Family show focused on a single mom raising her five musically talented children.  Along came Madden who organized the group and became their manager.

Dave Madden

In his role as Mr. Kincaid, Madden was the dominate male influence in the lives of the children and although there was no romantic interest between himself and the mom, he helped the children through struggles in life, taught them how to do a few manly repairs around the house and provided male leadership as the musical family toured the countryside giving concerts.

His gentle demeanor showed America that men didn’t need to be brutes and that compassion and understanding was a male trait that should be encouraged in young men.

In his personal life, a young Madden served in the military and while there, entertained troops with his special brand of comedy and crazy skits. He continued his performances, even after his enlistment ended.  He will be remembered as a caring man who never hesitated to reach out to someone who was down.

His death at the age of 82 was the result of congestive heart and kidney failure.

Russell Johnson

Russell Johnson, the witty professor from the hit TV show Gilligan’s Island has left his mark on the world.  The show, which centered around 7 castaways who found themselves shipwrecked on an island, depicted the ridiculous side of living day to day with people you didn’t know.

Completing the ragtag cast was the skipper, an actress, a millionaire and his wife, a young country girl, and the clumsy, goofy first mate, Gilligan.

Introducing science and creative solutions using materials found on the island, he is best known for fashioning a radio from a coconut and in doing so, paved the way for shows like McGyver.

During World War ll, Johnson served in the Army Air Corps where he earned a Purple Heart when his plane was shot down over the Philippines in 1945.

Being a family man, Johnson lived in Washington while acting, intent on keeping his family away from the influences of Hollywood.

Johnson died of natural causes while in hospice care.

Hollywood has produced some amazing shows over the years and the popularity of these two shows has led to them being replayed on television, reunion bits, musical releases and news articles giving testament to the fact that the public connected not just with the shows, but with the actors.

Strong role models for male adults and young boys still growing, Madden and Johnson believed in God, family and country.  Their legacy has touched more than one generation and will be missed by fans of all ages.

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