Finding Home Bargains Without the Hassle

Grab Home Bargains with ease at Bucksme.comIt doesn’t matter if you rent or own your own home the chances are you spend money on it.  There’s no denying that a home, whether it’s your own or it’s rented, takes up quite a bit of your annual income.  Think about it for a moment there’s decorating to do, maybe you need new furniture or a tap or two needs replacing. Sit down for a moment and think about all those improvements you’ve made in just the last year alone, both big or small, it’s likely that the total will leave you a bit breathless.

Even if you only look at the small jobs such as replacing a couple of door handles or fitting new locks I’ll lay a pound to a penny your annual bill is more than £500.00 and if you’ve done any major improvements like a new kitchen or bathroom then it’s almost certain that you’ve spent well in excess of £1,000 all told.

Now keep in mind this is just for the UK market.  It’s estimated that us Brits spend a whopping £14 billion + a year keeping our homes looking good and of course comfortable. The home improvements market is vast and retailers such as B&Q, Wickes, Homebase and many others are all vying for your budget and in order to do so they all have periodical sales events, clearance events and then there’s the regular in-store promotions.

The issue here is that these are generally ‘periodical’.  That is the major sales events generally only occur at set times of the year which is certainly not always convenient for the consumer. As an example let’s say your washing machine finally gives up the ghost and there’s no choice but to buy a new one … if there are now sales events then you’ll end up having to pay full price which will ultimately have a significant impact on your household budget.

There’s one up and coming website that basically addresses this issue …, which deals in fantastic home bargains that lists products and goods from over 450 of the UK’s top retailer and everything item listed is at a discount price.

According to the guys over at they have but two criteria when it comes to featuring products or goods on their site:

1. The item must be of high quality – in other words no cheap imitation goods and;

2. It must be offered at a discount price.

With those two criteria in mind I decided to spend a couple of minutes looking at what was on offer. That intended couple of minutes turned out to be half an hour as I simply couldn’t really believe some of the offers that I was seeing.  You know what it’s like you’ll see the odd fantastic discount of say 70% or more but with I found an abundance of offers that exceeded a discount of 80% … that’s right 80% off and in fact I found a couple with over 90% the recommended retail price.

Without question is a bonanza of  massive discounts and it’s not just restricted to home bargains.  They’ve got everything from Men’s, Women’s, Kids and Babies Clothing, add to that the Home Electrical section, sports section and of course a huge Health and Beauty section with fragrances, cosmetics, skincare products and hair and body products … and yes all at discount prices that are almost impossible to believe.

So if you’re looking to buy something for the home, garden, maybe some nice jewellery or even a decent watch for yourself you now know where to go. in my view is simply a one-stop discount superstore and with over 450 of the UK’s leading retailers posting their discounts to tempt you I’m sure you’ll find what you want at a bargain price.

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