First Lady Michelle Obama is Proud of New School Lunch Program

This past year has seen dramatic changes in the appearance of the school lunch. and depending on the school district the typical lunch may now resemble what many people consider prison food; colorless, tasteless slop adorned with a single leaf of lettuce.

Other schools have simply cut back on the number of choices allowed in an effort to bring healthier meals to the school cafeteria.

While we can all agree that obesity is out of control, the new lunches are creating another issue within the school; uneaten food that is winding up in the nearest garbage can.

Children just do not like the new food and are refusing to eat the vegetables, soy meats and other healthy offerings creating an uproar among the public concerning government interference into state and local matters.

What do you think?  If parents refuse to teach their children healthy habits, is it the schools or ultimately the government’s responsibility to do so?

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