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Food Giants Sweet Talking Ministers to Ignore Health Campaigners

Food Giants Sweet Talking Ministers to Ignore Health Campaigners

FOOD GIANTS SWEET TALKING MINISTERS TO IGNORE HEALTH CAMPAIGNERS – According to the Daily Mail its investigators have uncovered a relationship between Government Ministers and food giants, such as supermarkets, restaurant chains, chocolate manufacturers, fizzy dinks firms and others who have a rather unhealthy alliance.

The Daily Mail asserts that large companies have been given almost unprecedented access right to the core of government in order to quash attempts by health campaigner to get the Coalition to introduce tougher laws to restrict the amount of sugar they put in their food products.

Health campaigners have accused the Government of shunning their interests whilst allowing large firms almost unrestricted access to ministers such as the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt in order to persuade them to not to impose tighter restrictions.

Full article … Daily Mail says…

Did anyone really expect the large corporations to play fair?  Did anyone truly consider that health campaigners would have been given equal time with ministers in order to put forth their case with the remit of better public health rather than the corporations remit of making greater profits?

Democracy, now there’s a word that is openly abused on a daily basis. It’s actually gotten to the stage where democracy in the UK and indeed across the western hemisphere is little more than a joke.

Yes the mantra of one person, one vote has long been replaced by corporate lobbying whose only concern is that of profit.

Democracy in modern times could be given a whole new dictation; that is it could now be seen as your right to vote in the next dictator.

If you think what I’ve written is a little farfetched then consider the current situation of the possibility of an EU referendum.  It is unquestionable that the British public want an EU referendum and yet despite ‘majority public opinion’, which by the way is democracy in its purest form, there are those in Government who are refusing to provide the public with its democratic right.

The truth is the large firms have probably been offering up all sorts of goodies to ministers who will ultimately play ball and quash health legislation reform.

The Daily Mail investigation goes on to name those companies involved, which include McDonald’s, Mars, Pepsi, Nando’s and Tesco; all who have been invited to ministerial meetings since David Cameron took office in 2010.

The Government’s actions clearly appear to favour the corporations whilst leaving health campaigners to stand outside waiting for an audience that is likely never to materialise.

This of course is the true face of Government, any Government, for these corporations will be wined and dined and ultimately be persuaded to hand over ‘campaign contributions’ for their assistance in burying an notion that public health must and should come before profit.

“These meetings are an example of how the industry has a charmed route into the corridors of power that is denied to everyone else.

The fear of people like us is that the Government secretly sews things up on the industry’s behalf. Perhaps if the Government weren’t so influenced by them, we would have a maximum sugar level in foods by now.” Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum

The statement above pretty much says all you need to know about modern day Government, David Cameron, his ministers and his coalition partner Nick Clegg.

I’m afraid that the ‘old boy’s network’ is alive and well in Downing Street and events such as this will continue until the public force the Government to outlaw lobbying.

A corporate CEO should have no more access to the Prime Minister’s ear than a private citizen working on minimum wage but unfortunately democracy no longer exists and until the public demand a change then such will continue unabated.

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