Foreign Aid and Why Godfrey Bloom is Right

FOREIGN AID AND WHY GODFREY BLOOM IS RIGHT – Yesterday’s Channel 4 interview with Godfrey Bloom has been seen by many, or at least those with their eyes open, as nothing more than a character assassination and to further the attempt at making UKIP appear as the ultimate racist political party.


Bongo Bongo UKIP MEP Refuses to Apologise for Racist Remark

UKIP MEP Speaks Out and is Immediately Called a Racist

As the article above suggests, the interview was centred on Godfrey Bloom’s ‘Bongo Bongo’ remark; clearly referring to the African states, in which he fails to see why the British taxpayer is handing over billions in foreign aid to despot African leaders just so they are able to live the high life.

Godfrey Bloom - UKIP MEP

How much truth is there in that statement?  Are the African leaders corrupt?  Are they stealing our money?  Here’s the truth Channel 4 News didn’t want to reveal.


Currently run by President Yoweri Museveni. He rules over a deeply impoverished country where people are starving to death on a daily basis.  Under the last Labour Government Uganda received in the fiscal year 2008/2009 £127 million of which £70 million was provided through the Department for International Development while the European Union stumped up £57 million; of course it was all funded by the taxpayer.

On receiving the money President Yoweri Museveni bought two Gulfstream G550 Private Jests at a cost of £60 million.  President Yoweri Museveni is also directly responsible for a catalogue of human rights abuses.


Ali Bongo (this is a reference Godfrey Bloom used) is the President of what is clearly a poor country.  Despite the poverty Ali Bongo has spent a staggering £85 million on a mansion in the heart of Paris.  The luxury property has 14 bedrooms, swimming pool, tennis court and the list of amenities goes on.  It is of course not the only property he owns; according to some sources Ali Bongo owns no less than 39 properties in Paris.

The British taxpayer has provided Ali Bongo with over £6 million in aid during the period 2005/2009.

African Foreign Aid Spending

Source: Daily Mail


President Paul Kagame is certainly not feeling the pinch and whilst Rwanda has been ravaged by war the President has accumulated vast wealth; he was also directly responsible for arming the revolt in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The President, like most of the despot African leaders, also has a taste for private transportation and his mode of travel is made easier by two Bombardier BD-700 Global Express private jets at a cost of £30 million each.

Whilst his people live in squalor and are dying from poverty the President lives in a lavish palace in the capital and surrounds himself with all the trappings of vast wealth.

Apparently he has a passion for Rolex watches which he collects avidly. A storm broke out in 2011 after he stayed in New York in a hotel costing £12,000 a night; the issue is that this sum of money would take the average Rwandan over 18 years to earn.

The British taxpayer continues to fund President Paul Kagame’s lifestyle and this year alone we will hand over £75 million.  Despite the massive funding and the deplorable state of the country David Cameron recently announced that he was happy to continue supporting a country that is clearly a ‘success story’.

If you weren’t aware that David Cameron is a delusional food and incompetent to boot then the above should dispel any doubts you may have had.

It is of course a little more complicated than it appears on the surface for delve a little deeper and you will discover that Britain actually suspended foreign aid payments to Rwanda following a report that the money was being diverted into bank accounts and used for personal gain.

Despite the highly critical report the Government resumed spending after the International Development Secretary, Andrew Mitchell, gave it the all clear; look closely enough and you will then see that Andrew Mitchell is a close personal friend of President Paul Kagame.

Yes the funding of Rwanda stinks of corruption but that’s all too often the way and it is quickly swept under the carpet and kept out of the public eye.


The President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Denis Sassou Nguesso, has accumulated a massive Paris property portfolio, all with the assistance of the British taxpayer. Congo is one of the largest recipients of British Foreign Aid and in 2011 alone the British Government handed over £133 million and this is to rise to £258 million by 2015.

Yes, if you truly want to fleece the taxpayer with almost no accountability then running an African state appears to be just the ticket.


Run by the notorious President Jacob Zuma who last year took £17.5 million of the British taxpayer’s money and spent it on upgrading his luxury rural mansion.  That year the British taxpayer handed over £19 million; it has never established where the remaining £1.5 million went.

President Jacob Zuma

President Jacob Zuma

Whilst the news at the time was met with public outrage David Cameron and his merry bunch of clowns shrugged it off and pledged a Foreign Aid package to Zuma of £19 million a year until 2015.  I guess with four wives and twenty children this despot leader needs all the help he can get.


More UK Foreign Aid Money Wasted

UK Government is Wasting Taxpayers Money on Foreign Aid


Another desperately poor country but for the President and his son, Teodoro Obiang Mangue, austerity is a word that neither is able to comprehend; it’s possible they don’t even know of its existence.

Whilst the population of the country barely scrapes a living the President’s son lives a life of pure luxury. He owns a mansion in Malibu, California and recently spent £1.8 million in buying key pieces of Michael Jackson memorabilia for his growing collection.

The Malibu mansion set him back a cool £21 million and the Gulfstream private jet cost another £26 million.  On top of these luxuries there are also the other trappings of vast wealth, such as the fleet of 24 luxury cars.

If that’s the son’s spending habits what’s his father the President up to?  He owns a number of high end properties in Paris, including one on the prestigious Avenue Foch, at £15 million.

Unfortunately for the President it wasn’t all plain sailing and in 2011 the French authorities confiscated nine of his luxury cars, including a Ferrari, Bentley and Rolls Royce. The French authorities, as part of their anti-corruption investigation, sold off the fleet of cars and raised nearly £3 million.

It didn’t stop there because the French authorities also seized Teodoro’s Paris home and a vast wine collection reported to be worth over £2 million.

The British Government, well David Cameron at least, has washed his hands of this matter by stating that the Equatorial Guinea does not receive any Foreign Aid directly from the British Government.  Whilst that sounds like a sensible act the truth is that Cameron and his lackeys funnel the cash through the European Union and the World Bank; which continues to support the lifestyle of the President of Equatorial Guinea and his son.


While other African states attempt to hide their level of corruption; which is not easy when you run a poor country and fly around in private jets, there is always Sierra Leone who is openly corrupt.

There are a number of files held by on Sierra Leone and how its leaders openly steal foreign aid to fund their luxurious lifestyles.  Whilst the leaders of Sierra Leone are openly corrupt the British Foreign Aid system continues to provide taxpayer’s cash with no tangible results of turning the country around so that it might one day become self-reliant and productive.

As you can see Channel 4 News missed the opportunity to discover what the real issue was over UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom’s beef with what he referred to as Bongo Bongo states.

The mandate of the Channel 4 interview was clear; to misdirect the facts and simply make Godfrey Bloom and UKIP look like racists when the real truth is that UKIP’s sole agenda is to pull out of the EU, so that it can no longer abuse the British Taxpayer and cut off Foreign Aid to despot African leaders whose only intentions are to accumulate vast wealth for themselves at the expense of the British Taxpayer.

Now that you have the truth maybe you’ll have the courage to vote UKIP in the 2015 General Election and hopefully we will have a Government who doesn’t have close ties and buddy relationships with leaders of other countries who simply want to rape the British taxpayer to fuel their own personal greed.

As for David Cameron; this is a man who ought to be thoroughly ashamed of himself but his refusal to cut off the funding only goes to fuel speculation that he too is skimming off the top.

Do you think it’s time to cut the Foreign Aid budget and use the money to rebuild Britain? Please leave your comments below.

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