Foreign Aid Cash Squandered on Kenyan Graffiti Project

by Editor | May 12, 2014 4:48 am

FOREIGN AID CASH SQUANDERED ON KENYAN GRAFFITI PROJECT – Despite the continuous growth of public anger over the Foreign Aid budget, where vast amounts of taxpayer’s cash it squandered year in, year out, David Cameron insists that Britain’s increasing annual foreign aid budget is his greatest achievement since being in office.


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Well I suppose it has to be for it’s likely to be his only achievement for in the four years of being in office I can’t think of one notable achievement for the betterment of Britain and its citizens.

It has recently been revealed that the British taxpayer has been funding a ‘Graffiti’ project in Nairobi.  According to the organisers of the officially title ‘Mtaani Initiative’, it’s part of a £6.7 million aid project in Africa that is designed to engage with artists to spread data-based information throughout the slums so that every citizens voice counts and empowers them to debate politics.

Now apart from wasting more of the taxpayer’s money I fail to see how engaging in the act of graffiti can possible educate the people of Nairobi; in fact Government officials have been going around spraying over the artwork so that any message it might have portrayed is lost.

Foreign aid is primarily to help poor, unfortunately it rarely reaches those most in need and indeed the corruption of misappropriating funds is rampant; both at home and abroad.


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The current state of foreign aid is a constant thorn in the side of the austerity strapped British taxpayer; in the last quarter of 2013 the Department for International Development (DFID) spend a staggering £3.75 billion in order to meet David Cameron’s spending target and it’s almost certain that vast amounts of this cashed ended up in the bank accounts of the despot dictators.


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According to David Cameron the Government this year has pledged 0.7% of Britain’s GDP to foreign aid; that’s £12.6 billion of taxpayer’s money squandered whilst it could have been used in Britain’s education and healthcare system… yes even our pensioners are left to die due to the cold and yet David Cameron deems it more appropriate to fund yet another private jet for the likes of Jacob Zuma.

The DFID defends the graffiti project stating that it covers the tackling of police corruption in Liberia and even improves maternity care in Nigeria.  That’s right, according to those in the DFID this project is helping young people living in the slums to hold their government accountable… on that note it makes you wonder why graffiti is consider a criminal offense here in Britain.

It is of course nonsense but the likes of Justine Greening, who is by all accounts wholly unaccountable to the taxpaying public of running a Government department that is bathed in corruption, will continue to defend such a waste of public funds because her job depends on it.

Cast your mind back to UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom who was labelled a racist for insisting that foreign aid should be stopped; yes his ‘Bongo, Bongo’ remark was play over and over on the mainstream media with none being willing to listen to what he had to say.

After his comments we contacted Mr. Bloom and asked him to give his full account of the situation and indeed his thoughts on the foreign aid budget.

Mr. Bloom readily obliged and we set about approaching a number of newspapers to see if they would like to re-print it, in the interest of allowing Mr. Bloom his democratic right to express himself freely without let or hindrance; not one news organisation responded… so much for the Press upholding the principles of democracy.

For those of you who haven’t read what Mr. Bloom had to say here are his views in full… click here.

Why did they refuse to publish it… on that note I hand you over to Pat Condell and his views on how Britain and its press have become craven cowards and refuse to tackle any issues that could be deemed racist or play on any type of religious sensitivity.

There is little doubt in my mind that foreign aid does have a place but it is obvious that its current regime of management is insidious at best and in order to save the taxpayer from being subjected to theft it’s time the DFID was dismantled and a new department formed that is fully accountable to the British taxpayer and one where every penny spend is recorded for public scrutiny.

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