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Foreign Aid Continues to Help Al Qaeda in Somalia

Foreign Aid Continues to Help Al Qaeda in Somalia

FOREIGN AID CONTINUES TO HELP AL QAEDA IN SOMALIA – Terrorism… now there’s a word that will send fear into the hearts of most people and without question conjures up feelings of outrage as we are subjected to continuous items of news regaling us of yet another terrorist plot or atrocity carried out by terrorists.

So what’s the Governments answer to terrorism?  That’s rather a simple question if you look at it objectively and consists of a number of plans implemented; but for the sake of clarity we’ll keep it to the basics:

Security Services

The Government spends hundreds of millions of taxpayer money annually on the ‘war against terror’.  Within the remit is to equip internal security services with all the gadgets that would make James Bond blush.

It has to be said that the security services, despite often taking a beating for their failings by the mainstream media, actually do a pretty good job.

When they do fail to uncover a plot that ultimately claims lives, such as the horrific murder to Lee Rigby, Government ministers from across the political spectrum are quick to the press podium to announce these failures and openly berate and ridicule the security services.

Now I have a real problem with that because 99.9% of all the failures are in fact Government related for it is the Government who refuse to put aside their desire to create a multicultural utopia and enforce human rights for terrorists.

Yes the Government have effectively made it a crime to hunt down terrorists, reinstate the death penalty for such a crime,incarcerate them or deport them; for this would breach their human rights.

Look at an article published earlier… here we have 752 foreign criminals free in Britain because they can’t be detain and neither can they be deported for as you guessed it would be a breach of their human rights.


Rise in Dangerous Foreign Criminals Jumping Bail

Funding Al Qaeda

Yes that’s right, David Cameron actively supports funding Al Qaeda although this is achieved under the disguise of foreign aid.

I’m sure you can remember David Cameron declaring new and tougher measures to tackle terrorism in the wake of Lee Rigby’s murder but the truth is that as soon as he’d finished lauding us with his empty and hollow rhetoric he was back at his desk writing out another big fat cheque to fuel more terrorist related atrocities.

What is really offensive is that he claims that Foreign Aid is all about humanitarian assistance; would that be the same humanitarian assistance of procuring an entire air force for Pakistan… that doesn’t much fit any humanitarian notion I’m aware of; that is giving the country the means to kill.

Continuing to Fund Terrorism

I’m afraid David Cameron is a keen supporter of terrorism and doesn’t have a humanitarian bone in his body for here is a man who will deny humanitarian aid to his own people; yes, those poor unfortunate souls in Somerset have to rely on themselves and wonderful humanitarians such as the folks from Khalsa because David Cameron point blank refuses to divert foreign aid away from the terrorists.


khalsa aid helps uk flood victims

You might think I’m being a little facetious but the truth of the matter is that yet another £90 million of foreign aid has just fallen into the hands of Al Qaeda in Somalia.

Many of you will no doubt be aware that the Daily Mail has been running a campaign in order to gather support so that it effectively shames and then forces David Cameron into reversing his decision not to divert foreign aid.

The petition is still running and if you haven’t yet signed it then you really should… click here.

Already the Daily Mail has accumulated over 290,000 signatures and as of yet this still isn’t enough to shame David Cameron … it is of course questionable if you can in fact shame the immoral.

Now, whilst it is growing in readership, certainly doesn’t procure the number of readers that the Daily Mail does; which is a pity really because I would have run a similar campaign, one that both petitioned David Cameron to divert foreign aid one alongside it that would have allowed people to tell Mr. Camerson … ‘You’re Fired!’.

I certainly do wonder how many people would like to see Mr. Cameron at this point being relieved of his job; certainly I’d rush to be the first in the queue to carry his bags out of No.10 and put him in a taxi.

According to the media David Cameron has once again approved huge funding for war-torn Somalia and this is despite him having full knowledge that the Somalia Government is corrupt to the core and openly trains and arms Al Qaeda terrorists.

It is widely speculated that the Kenyan Shopping Mall atrocity, led by Al Shabaab- the Al Qaeda linked Islamic fanatics, received funding for their training and weapons by the Somalia Government; funding that evidently came right out of the foreign aid cash David Cameron is so keen to hand out.

The truth is that Mr. Cameron doesn’t care about the brutal and public slaughter of Lee Rigby, he doesn’t even care about the 67 victims of the Kenyan Mall atrocity; many of whom were innocent children.

You have to wonder whether David Cameron’s fountain pen, used liberally and flippantly to write those cheques, isn’t actually filled with the blood of all the victims; yes, those cheques and his hands are stained with the blood of the innocent and he doesn’t care.

Mr. Cameron will almost certainly follow in the footsteps of Tony Blair and make untold millions on the back of the atrocities he is directly responsible for.

You might find this offensive but unfortunately that is the nature of the beast and if you’re into the biblical then you can assuredly count the number on this beast for there surely can be nothing more evil that handing over cash to terrorists whilst your own people suffer due to the lack of any notable action.

David Cameron’s argument will be that the money is given in aid to help prevent people from starving to death.

An admirable notion no doubt but again there are few if any controls and many of the organisations that receive funding are forced to hand over most of it in ‘protection money’ so that the aid workers are permitted, by Al Shabaab, to work with being murdered.

In 2011 a drought and famine killed nearly 260,000 Somalis due to the lack of funds and aid supplies getting through.

Once again this revelation has resulted in a number of MPs and the public calling upon David Cameron to stop funding terrorism and divert a proportion of the £11 billion foreign aid budget back in to Britain where it can be used to help people recover from the floods.

Maybe someone should confront Mr. Cameron and ask him point blank… ‘What’s more important Prime Minister, supporting known terrorists or helping the good people of Britain?’

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