Foreign Aid Handed to Convicted Terrorists

by Editor | April 28, 2014 5:56 am

FOREIGN AID HANDED TO CONVICTED TERRORISTS – During what was seen as some of the worst flooding in the UK earlier this year, with hundreds of families being displaced, David Cameron, despite overwhelming public outcry, refused, yes refused, to divert some of the Foreign Aid budget to help those desperately in need.

This, for us at, was a clear sign of just how un-democratic Britain has become and how a public employee, for that is merely all Mr. Cameron is, refused to take direction from his employer.

Mention the words ‘foreign aid’ on the streets of Britain, and especially anywhere in Somerset and you’re likely to get a tirade of abuse; yes the British public find the whole affair of giving money to foreign states which is most often diverted into the bank accounts of despot leaders is more than a little offensive.

Well you’d better sit down for it’s now been revealed that foreign aid received by Palestine is being given to convicted terrorists who are being held in Israeli prisons.

Currently the Department for International Development (DFID) hands over some £80 million of taxpayer’s money each year to the Palestinian authorities who then happily hand over the cash to convicted terrorists locked up in Israel.

According to the Daily Mail an Israeli group claims that convicted terrorists being held are given approximately £2,075 a month; plus if they have wives or children then are given a bonus.

Now if you find that offensive then what transpires next will certainly boil your blood for sources have stated that once a convicted terrorist is released from prison the Palestine authorities hand over tens of thousands of pounds more  in cash payments to help them get back on their feet.

At the last count it is estimated that some 5,000 known terrorists are being given what amounts to salaries and bonuses at the expense of the British taxpayer.

A number of Tory MPs have come out and called for all foreign aid to Palestine to be halted until a full investigation can be made; that of course means the taxpayer would have to fund an expedition, however the DIFD are adamant that the funds handed over are essential to help Palestine pay for civil servants, schools, hospitals and other essential services.

These claims have been made by the Israeli group Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) which examines statements made by the Palestinian authorities from the newspapers.

The PMW claims that terrorists are receiving as much as £50,000 once freed from prison; a disproportionate amount considering the average Palestinian lives on less than £300 a month.

The PMW went on to state that Palestinian authorities paid out more than £60 million last year to convicted terrorists and a further £9 million was given to terrorists upon their release.

According to DIFD records the Palestinian authorities have received a staggering £343 million from the British taxpayer in the last four years and of Palestine’s annual costs of £2.5 billion some 40% of this comes directly from international foreign aid.

As much as this will anger the British taxpayer it is of course a full gone conclusion that Mr. Cameron won’t be making any changes in the foreign aid budget other than increasing it; he’ll also continue to ignore his employers and will happily allow the taxpayer’s money to be used for known terrorist activities.

Yes, this is not the first time such a revelation has come to the public’s attention, in fact in February of this year it was revealed that millions of pounds of foreign aid was being used in Somalia to fund Al Qaeda.

If Mr. Cameron had his way he’d force all the news organisation to sign up to the Royal Press Charter so that he and his ministers could set about controlling the Press and ultimately hide the fact that his Government is culpable to funding international terrorism.

Yes, the likes of Mr. Cameron are quick to vilify people such as Edward Snowden citing that the documents he leaked to The Guardian had done untold damage in Britain’s ability to combat terrorism but clearly he’s not opposed to funding it.

We at continue to uphold the principles of democracy; even if that democracy is being stripped away piece by piece by the likes of Mr. Cameron and his cronies.

If the decision were ours we would hold a full public enquiry into the use of foreign aid being diverted to fund known terrorist organisations and if it revealed the allegations to be true then Mr. Cameron would stand trial for the crime of treason, along with all his other cohorts.

Again, our view is that Government has become far too big and therefore wholly unaccountable to the public; it is to this reason why we, and a growing number of other people, now refuse to vote for we will not be culpable of installing a Government that refuses to take direction from the public, supports terrorism through public funding or attempts to oppress the masses through a Royal Charter that effectively attempts to quash our democratic rights.

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