Foreign Aid Investment Lost to Corruption

Millions of pounds of British aid money could be lost to crooks and fraudsters because of ‘unacceptably poor’ controls on corruption, MPs warn today.

The Commons public accounts committee warns the Department for International Development (Dfid) needs to impose ‘much tougher’ scrutiny of money channelled through the private sector.

MPs said they had heard evidence that millions of pounds was spent on projects with links to known fraudsters.

They highlighted a £20 million investment in a power plant project in Ivory Coast, in which one company had alleged links to the notorious fraudster James Ibori, the former Wickes cashier who was jailed for 13 years in 2012 for a £50 million fraud.

MPs also raised concerns about a £20 million investment in a gas plant in Nigeria, involving a company allegedly involved in ‘looting Nigerian oil revenues’.

The UK is the biggest donor to the Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG) – which was set up to invest in infrastructure projects in developing countries – with total support expected to reach £860 million by 2017.

Source: Daily Mail


I’m getting a bit of déjà vu … it’s wasn’t an but a few hours ago in which the British government declared the idea of cutting of the 999 services to some degree in order to save £3.7 million a year in taxpayers money.

Of course I suggested it look elsewhere and doing so wouldn’t save millions but rather billions … I was referring to the nefarious use of taxpayer’s money to prop up the EU and provide aid to foreign countries; the foreign aid budget alone is £11.7 billion of which Mr. Cameron refers to as his greatest achievement whilst being in office.

Wasting Foreign Aid Cash Stop Nigerian Foreign Aid African Foreign Aid Spending Are we at last seeing some type of sense from our government regarding Foreign Aid?

Yes Mr. Cameron hasn’t managed to do much for the British people other than adding an additional £700 billion to the national debt but he did manage to squander £11.7 billion of it on despot dictators.

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And those articles are just the tip of the foreign aid iceberg.

Vote?  Not on your life would you see me at the polling stations … what, just to vote in yet another incompetent who is willing to spend taxpayer’s cash on anything but the British people?

It’s about time democracy was bought back into the fold so that the British public, the taxpayer, has the right to vote on whether we should retain EU membership and whether to put an end to providing foreign despots with vast sums of our money.

You are free to express your opinion below.

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