Foreign Tourists Putting the NHS at Risk

FOREIGN TOURISTS PUTTING THE NHS AT RISK – Professor J Meirion Thomas is a well respected consultant surgeon in the NHS and gives his view on foreigners coming to Britain and abusing the NHS.

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Jeremy Hunt Health Secretary - PortraitThere’s a golden rule in business that if want to know about any particular aspect of the businesses operations then go and talk to the person that deals with it on a daily basis.

The idea is that you can skip the executives and management and go straight to the source and from this source get a clear and honest answer to the issues you face.

Isn’t it a pity that the NHS is not operated with the same ethos; for if it were the taxpayer would save millions each year, simply by doing away with ineffective executives and managers and creating a system that is not continuously abused by handing out freebies to all and sundry.


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I have often said that Ministers and MPs are incompetent and I have even given examples as to their incompetence.  When it comes to the NHS, which should really be the pride of Britain, it is mismanaged to such a degree that no one in Government appears to have any handle on the situation.

Let me enlighten you… David Cameron, just a few weeks ago stated that foreigners entering the UK with the sole intent of abusing the NHS; that is gaining treatment without paying for it, was costing the taxpayer some £20 million a year.

In contrast to his statement, the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, made a statement that the cost was in excess of £200 million.

If David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt’s figures were close, say within a couple of million, you might be able to accept the discrepancy but when the divide is wider than the Marianas Trench you being to wonder what planet these people are living on.

The Government is now considering a ‘Bond’ system for foreigner, from certain countries, which will force them to pay a ‘bond fee’ before entering the UK and will be refunded if they leave in accordance with their visa details.


Visitors to the UK from Select Countries to Deposit Cash Before Entering the UK

Systematic Abuse of the NHS by Foreigners

The fee is expected to be around £3,000 although some have already said that such a plan would be illegal under EU law and whilst a reasonable idea it is not sufficient to deter would be illegal migrants.

A similar idea has now been hatched by Jeremy Hunt who believes that charging all non-EU visitors £200 would solve the issue of foreigner NHS abuse.

Well what do you expect; he is after all clearly incompetent and he’s not alone in Parliament with that attribute.

Professor J Meirion Thomas stated that such an idea is akin to putting a sticky plaster on a patient suffering from a life-threatening illness; it is woefully inadequate – but there again so is Jeremy Hunt.

Yes I know I keep having a pop but what else is there to do?  Jeremy Hunt simply hasn’t got a clue and worse he is unlikely to take the ‘professional’ advice from someone like Professor J Meirion Thomas.

The Professor did say it was a step in the right direction and that I am sure we can all agree on but like most things our Government does it never quite goes far enough to solve the bigger issue.

If the Government is really serious about stopping foreigners coming here and abusing our Visa system and our NHS then insist on a bond fee of £20,000.

If a foreigner does arrive in the UK but requires treatment then it should be taken out of the bond fee.  In the event that a medical bill exceeds this amount the person should not be allowed to leave until payment in full is made.

I have heard the argument that these people should be imprisoned but that’s only part of the answer.  They should be imprisoned and made to ‘work-off’ their bill; that is unpaid work to the state until all costs are covered; including their imprisonment.

It’s no good trying to talk tough and then not follow through; we need a competent Government which consists of Ministers and MPs who are bright and energetic with the ability to put aside their personal ambitions and work for the people who employ them; the taxpayer.

Do you think the NHS is mismanaged and do you think Jeremy Hunt should continue in his post? Please leave your comments below.

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