Forget 3D TV – Enter the 4K Television Era

CNN – At the last soccer World Cup, it was all about 3D TV. This time around, it’s nothing less than 4K TV.

In 2010, FIFA was the driving force behind 3D television. The international soccer authority teamed up with Sony to bring fans 3D images of 25 matches from the World Cup tournament in South Africa.

Back then, TV companies and broadcasters were hoping to follow the box office success of 3D movies. Even the Queen got into 3D, recording her 2012 Christmas message in 3D format.

But the demand for 3D TV has not been as great as expected.

Hollywood has fully embraced 3D technology. Around a third of all cinema screens globally are now 3D and the number of 3D film releases is growing steadily. But the glasses required to fully experience 3D have put off the small-screen viewers.

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