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Forget NekNomination Try NicNomination

Forget NekNomination Try NicNomination

FORGET NEKNOMINATION TRY NICNOMINATION – In a spoof spin-off to NekNomination a new internet craze has started to go viral… NicNomination.

NicNomination is a hilarious game inspired by the facial expressions of Nicolas Cage and has become an internet sensation thanks to his wide ranging use of very crazy facial expression.

According to reports coming in NicNomination is blowing NekNomination out of the water as it spreads across the social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google +.

So what exactly does NicNomination entail and what are the rules?

Start off by posting a picture of Nicolas Cage to your social network accounts; you need to pick a picture where Nicolas is using one of his unusual expressions.

Once you’ve done that you need to ask your friends if they can emulate the expression, capture it and then post it to the thread.

If you want to have a little fun with your friends then take a look at the video above. This is a collection of Nicolas Cage expressions from various movies.  If you know how to capture screenshot images then you’ll easily be able to do so and then post these to your social network accounts.

If not then try searching the internet for Nicolas Cage expressions… there’s a ton of them available so have fun.

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