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Former Military Personnel Finding Civilian Life Difficult

Former Military Personnel Finding Civilian Life Difficult

FORMER MILITARY PERSONNEL FINDING CIVILIAN LIFE DIFFICULT – I’ve often been referred to as curt and even a little rude.  At times people have found my manner to be a little abrupt.

As a child I was quiet boisterous and I was often told that I would become more patient as I entered my senior years… tosh!

I find now that I get frustrated and angry at different things and none more so than when it comes to giving people a little respect; that is I find it highly offensive when some people disrespect others, especially when it is aimed at those who really deserve our respect and above all gratitude.

Of course I’m not referring to any politician or church leader for both in my view can be treated with equal contempt and disdain for neither have the qualities such as decency, moral fortitude and indeed honesty that would afford any level of respect.

Yes, you might think that a little rude but I’ve never been one to hide my feelings. I was once invited to shake the hand of a minister and I suitably declined for I didn’t want my person soiled.

Again, rude or just plain honesty; that is for you to decide but I refuse to put aside my integrity just to appease social niceties.

There is one group of people and their chosen occupation that I do find admirable; in fact these people in my view should be held in the highest esteem in society.

I am of course talking about the brave men and women who serve selflessly for what is nothing more than a pittance of a wage in our Armed Services.

These people are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect their fellow citizens and indeed citizens of foreign countries and yet it offends me as to why the British public doesn’t take a stand and demand that our Government do more to help our troops, both whilst serving and once they retire.

According to a recent report a number of Armed Forces personnel have given their account as to what it’s like when they finally become civilians.

One of the biggest issues is finding suitable employment and a number of ex-military personnel have stated that they are often ridiculed and passed over because they are viewed as aggressive, institutionalised and unable to adapt to a civilian workplace.

One solider complained that during a interview the interviewer had the audacity to state that he wouldn’t fit in to well because there’s no one to shoot on civvy street.

I wonder if that person has stopped just for a moment to consider that his liberty and ability to live in a relatively peaceful nation was due to the sacrifice this person had made and was even willing to put his live at risk for.

Don’t talk to me about being rude for I might refuse to shake the hand of a politician or give the time of day to a church leader but I certainly know who the real heroes are and I know that the only ones that truly care about our welfare are the men and women of our Armed Services.

I consider myself extremely fortunate that I am able to sit in front of a computer and write articles that I am passionate about and where I get to voice my opinion for these are only made possible by those people who are willing to stand in front of a bullet to ultimately ensure that I am free to do what I do.

Lord Ashcroft, now there’s a man whom I would gladly shake hands with for he is a passionate man and one that truly cares about the tasks he undertakes; there are few politicians in this world that could attest to such an admirable trait.

Lord Ashcroft is also a Tory peer commissioned by Downing Street to review troops’ transition to civilian live and his recent findings of employers shunning ex-military personnel is disturbing to say the least.

I’m just a one-man-band but I tell you this… If meebal.com ever grows that would enable me to employ personnel I would gladly welcome any ex-military personnel for they are not only highly capable but are able to deal with almost any situation you could throw at them.

Despite some employers stating that ex-military personnel can’t think independently I would argue differently for in the field it’s all about independent assessment and thought – it’s your wits that ultimately keep you alive.

One worry from the employers, appears to be that of ‘aggression’; that is would ex-military personnel be able to suitably control such in times of stress.  That has to be the most ludicrous connotation I’ve ever heard for it is clear that their entire military careers has revolved around aggression control; I’m more likely to blow a fuse at incompetence than a troop for I’m not trained to deal with adversity in the face of conflict and neither are most other employees.

Lord Ashcroft’s final report states a worrying trend that views ex-service personnel as being ‘damaged by their careers’ when in fact it should be the other way around… I can only put such down to the ignorance of others who have clearly not taken time to consider carefully what these people are capable of.

Come on people it’s about time we started to acknowledge who provides us with our democratic freedom and instead of casting ex-armed service personnel aside we should be doing more to provide a decent living and above all be bloody grateful for the sacrifices they have made.

We continuously bang on about being humanitarian and a liberal and caring society and yet we constantly turn our backs on those who truly give so much and yet are in some sick and perverted way we’ll place in high esteem those in Government office who have achieved little if anything in defending the rights, liberties and democracy of this country.

To all employers who think that ex-military personnel are in some way damaged… you need to pull your head out of your backside and thank those profusely for giving so much and asking for almost nothing in return.

If you must place a human being on a pedestal then let it be those who have served tirelessly and let us not forget what we owe.

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