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Former Public Schoolboy Joins Al Qaeda to Fight in Syrian War

Former Public Schoolboy Joins Al Qaeda to Fight in Syrian War

FORMER PUBLIC SCHOOLBOY JOINS AL QAEDA TO FIGHT IN SYRIAN WAR – British authorities believe that 19 year old Mahdi Hassan is the latest teenager to have been recruited by an Al Qaeda linked terrorist group to join the fight in Syria.

British police believe that Mahdi Hassan, now traveling under the alias Abu Dujana, is the youngest ever British national to have been recruited by the organisation Sham (Isis) which is often accused of torturing children and turning them into Islamic extremists.

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Mahdi Hassan is of course not the first British national to take up the cause of Jihad and engage in terrorist related activities and no doubt, he won’t be the last.

We often talk about the war on terror as if we were in fact active participants; that is we seek out and take out known terrorists in order to suppress their numbers and therefore the activities they are able to undertake against us.

The truth however is somewhat of a different reality, in that our hands are tied and our voices silenced through political correctness.  In turn these liberal ideologies effectively prevent us from taking direct action; such is evident when you see the likes of Anjem Choudary calling on his so-called brothers to take up arms against us whilst of course we provide them with a very comfortable living on welfare.

I find it disturbing as to how anyone could conceive that it is acceptable, dare I say noble, to indoctrinate a child to hate so vehemently that he or she would consider taking their own lives to kill others for a religious belief.

We have learned that this is the way in the mindset of certain Muslim religious extremists but the question remains as to how long we should be expected to tolerate such an idea.

It appears that the more we hear of Muslim terrorists the more we are told that we should be tolerant; maybe the ideology of the Christian way to ‘turn the other cheek’ in the face of adversity is noble, but it’s not saving any lives – it could be said that such a trait of tolerance simply displays weakness in the eyes of those who terrorise us and therefore provides some form of right to continue to do so without impunity.

I doubt there are many people who are not aware of the case of Sergeant Alexander Blackman; the career soldier who executed a wounded Taliban insurgent in Afghanistan.

The case of Sergeant Alexander Blackman is a clear indication of our current indoctrination, in so much as that we are willing to train and arm people to kill but are then offended when they do.

From the perspectives of the Muslim terrorists they are convinced that once we are brought to our knees and made to convert to Islam the world will become a truly peaceful place; of course this notion or rather ideology, takes on a disturbing tyrannical connotation as it’s inevitable that such requires the subservience of the masses – we in the West refer to this as totalitarianism.

To many, the situation and indeed the future scenario appears obvious in that either we stop turning the other cheek and proactively fight against terrorism or eventually we cave in and turn Britain into an Islamic state where the rule of law will be dictated by Sharia.

This article will inevitably be attacked by the liberal brotherhood who sincerely believes that we should integrate; unfortunately the Muslim extremist have no such intention, it is merely a case of complete and utter control and compliance, or execution.

Maybe it is time we stood back and called a spade a spade and recognised the true nature of Islam and the intentions of those who wish to impose it upon us.

Such a move doesn’t necessary mean allowing the rise of violence but rather our ability to systematically deport those who wish to impose such restrictions upon us.

Once we rid the country of such individuals we could then declare a peace; but a peace with a resounding warning that if any act of terrorism occurs on British shores it will be met with severe reciprocity.

We can co-exist, but with the current opposing ideology not together; it really is time we pulled out of Muslim soil and send those who are fighting for such back to it in order to finally bring about peace.

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