Free Enterprise – Is It Really Just About Individual Greed?

Free Enterprise – Is It Really Just About Individual Greed?

The terms capitalism and free enterprise have become increasingly dirty words to use and yet without entrepreneurs none of us would have homes, cars, electrical appliances or indeed food on the table.

The very idea of socialist communism is a great concept in theory but as we have seen with the likes of Russia, China and North Korea it simply doesn’t work and it doesn’t work because such a political ideology has a tendency to take away individualism and freedom.

There are countless times where I have been asked how wealthy I am; after all I run a website and therefore it is a full gone conclusion that I must be earning vast sums of money … nothing could be further from the truth; in fact since the launch of in 2013 the site has generated just over £200 in advertising revenue and remains in existence due to my belief that freedom of express must be put before profit and that it ultimately allows me to pursue an interest without being constrained … it is my wife however who is the bread-winner.

Capitalism is not the evil that most people now consider it to be; it’s a myth perpetrated by the progressive liberals in order to point the finger of blame on all their ideological failings … they often use wealth and racism to explain every ill of mankind.

The truth remains clear … anyone is capable of generating wealth providing they willing to work hard for it.  Of course you could sit back, point your finger in disdain and hope to win the lottery just so you can rub shoulders with those you purport to despise.  Unfortunately the latter scenario will only see you being shunned by those you despise because they had to work for what they had.

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