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Free Movement for Workers NOT Jobseekers Declares Labour

Free Movement for Workers NOT Jobseekers Declares Labour

FREE MOVEMENT FOR WORKERS NOT JOBSEEKERS DECLARES LABOUR Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna has set our Labour’s new stance on the right of free movement in that it should be a right of free movement for workers and not jobseekers.

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As you will see from the video above Viviane Reding, the Vice President of the European Commission takes a completely different view in regards to Britain attempting to block migrants from entering to the UK.

Viviane Reding - Vice President of the European Commission

Image: Viviane Reding, the Vice President of the European Commission

If the views of Mr. Umunna are those of the entire Labour Party it is evident that they are now playing an entirely different tune to the one played in 2004 in which they basically removed the doors from Britain’s immigration borders and let all and sundry enter; including all the benefits scroungers and criminals.

“The founders of the European Union had in mind free movement of workers, not free movement of jobseekers.” Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna

Mr. Umunna’s views come directly after Ms. Reding accused the British Government on fueling myths about an ‘invasion’ of immigrants who simply want to have access to welfare.

Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna

Image: Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna

According to Ms. Reding there are four pillars to the right of free movement including; the free movement of goods, the free movement of capital, the free movement of services and finally the free movement of people and that the free movement of people is a fundamental pillar that cannot be denied and would indeed break European law if any attempts were made to restrict or dismantle it.

It is now apparent that David Cameron should have taken decisive action much sooner after taking office in 2010; but there again it could be argued that his coalition partner Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats, has blocked any such plans to restrict Britain’s involvement in the EU.

Ms. Reding has accused Mr. Cameron of tough rhetoric that risks destroying the future of the British people but such could easily be said of Ms. Reding.

So what do we have?  Currently the Tories and Labour are attempting to sound tough in the lead up to the next General Election in order to garner public votes.

If Ms. Reding’s assumptions are to be taken as factual then Britain has no room to maneuver nor will it be able to change European law for its own benefit.  The only option available is for whatever Government is in power to provide the people with an EU referendum and let them decide as to whether we remain or pull out of Europe.

It might appear strange to some the views of Mr. Umunna and the Labour Party for currently the EU Referendum Bill is going through the House of Lords and it is expected that Labour and the Liberal Democrats will take measures to block the bill; ultimately refusing to allow the British public a democratic vote, which clearly indicates how much democracy there is in the Liberal Democrat Party.


Mandelson Says Public Should NOT be Given EU Referendum

Certainly the Tories and Labour will continue to pull apart the EU for the benefit of public entertainment but it’s clear that any such move to bar parts of the EU legislation will only end up with Britain being dragged through the European Courts and provided with yet another hefty fine for the taxpayer to pick up.

There can be little doubt in the voters’ minds that Labour undoubtedly made a mess of immigration but what has Mr. Cameron and the Tories managed to achieve?  Currently the British taxpayer is saddled with handing over cash to prop up the failing EU and other EU member states when clearly Britain has financial problems of its own.

If the EU Referendum Bill is not approved by the House of Lords the British public is going to be stuck with the EU and its policies that will continuously drive up Britain’s national debt to a point where it will ultimately collapse.

Mr. Cameron continues to tell the electorate that things will be fine and that he’s going to Brussels and tell them how things are going to be and at what level Britain will play in its role within the EU.

Again, it’s all hot air and wind for the legally binding agreement was signed years ago and therefore the only way for Britain to once again become an independent nation is to provide the public with the vote and let them pull out if they deem it appropriate in the nation’s interest.

Many think that Ms. Reding is more than a little delusional; especially after she claimed that Britain takes far more out of the EU in benefits than any other EU member state.

It is little surprising, with all the bickering on both sides of the House of Commons in relation to the issues with the EU, why UKIP are almost certain to take the European Elections by storm this spring and why more and more of the voting public are throwing their support behind UKIP.

If we continue to do nothing then that’s exactly what we will achieve and at present public sentiment remains strong for the ability to vote on Britain’s future in the EU with the consensus of pulling out altogether.

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