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French Authorities Employ Romanian Police to Tackle Roma Crime Gangs

French Authorities Employ Romanian Police to Tackle Roma Crime Gangs

FRENCH AUTHORITIES EMPLOY ROMANIAN POLICE TO TACKLE ROMA CRIME GANGS – According to the French authorities the number of arrests of Romanians has increased by 78% in the last two years.

Now 20 Romanian police officers have been introduced in to the French capital in a bid to clamp down on the growing number of Roma crime gangs which plague Paris.

There has been a growing trend where Roma crime gangs have infiltrated France and deploy Roma children on the streets in order to steal from unsuspecting citizens.

In recent months tourism has been put in danger as Roma gangs are deployed across many of Paris’s notable tourist attractions including Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre.

French Police Tackling  Roma Crime Gangs

The French authorities now fear that the Right of Free Movement which comes into effect 1 January will see many more Romanian and Bulgarian criminals flood France; a fear that is replicated by many in Britain.

It was last month that the British authorities took similar measures by employing a squad of eight detectives from Romania and three police office from Poland who then joined with the Metropolitan Police on a number of raids and assisted in interviewing suspects.

The French authorities have uncovered evidence that Romanian teenagers are working with adult gangsters who then employ the services of young children in order to carry out crime on their behalf.

It has been discovered that children are taken to a specific location, such as the Louvre and then ordered to steal a minimum of £250 a day.

Other ruses used by the gangs is to pretend they are deaf, dumb or indeed are working to collect money on behalf of well known charities; which eventually could have a devastating effect on these organisations.

Pickpocketing is one of the most prevalent crimes and those who get caught by the potential victim often then call upon other gang members for help which results in the victim being threatened with violence if they do not have over cash or other valuables.

French authorities have stated that the rise of 78% in arrests in the last two years clearly attests to the fact that France and other European nations have a clear problem that is becoming almost uncontrollable and could well become so after 1 January 2014.

Many illegal immigrants fail to carry any kind of identification and when questioned by the authorities pretend they do not speak the language; again the French authorities plan has been to overcome this aspect by employing police who do speak their language.

To date the French authorities have reported that the employment of Romanian police has resulted in the break-up of ten suspected Romanian crime gangs in less than a year leading to a 5% drop in Romanian street crime.

Despite this improvement the issue of anti-social behaviour remains a growing issue as Romanians continue to be responsible for the growing division of French social issues due to Romanians acting in anti-social behaviour.

Whilst the French authorities have taken a hard line on the vast number of illegal camp sites being erected on the outskirts of Paris these continue to spread and in their wake they often leave the areas looking like a public dump; the authorities have defended their hard line approach that the living conditions are not safe or healthy for Romanians or those French residents living nearby.

Issues of racism continues to rear up as some feel that the Roma are simply being persecuted however many French politicians believe, including France’s Socialist Interior Minister Manuel Valls, that the Roman simply have no intention of integrating into French society and should therefore be deported.

Other politicians believe that the Romanians should be given a fair chance to integrate whilst some quarters state that it is now irrelevant for even those who are deported simply come straight back as the Right of Free Movement fails to prevent them from doing so.

The social issues remain but there are many who now believe that what we are witnessing today on our streets, regarding the level of criminal Roma gangs, is but a small prelude to what is about to come once all border restrictions are removed.

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