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French Café Charges Extra if You are NOT Polite

French Café Charges Extra if You are NOT Polite

FRENCH CAFÉ CHARGES EXTRA IF YOU ARE NOT POLITE – They say a kind words costs you nothing and indeed the cost of saying please and thank you is in fact completely free; however, The Petite Syrah café in Nice, on the French Riviera has taken this a step further by charging extra for those patrons who can’t be bothered with the simple pleasantries of life.

The Petite Syrah café in Nice

The Petite Syrah café apparently got a little tired of rude customers; you know the sort who just snap out their order without even bothering to look at the server and certainly wouldn’t conceive ending the order with please; let alone giving a simple thank you once they have finished.

The Petite Syrah café decided that it was time to teach customers some manners and therefore decided that please and thank you would now in fact cost you money – or rather less if you used the polite phrases.

The Petite Syrah café charges €7.00 for a standard cup of coffee; however, a simple please and thank you to your server will see your bill being reduced to just €4.25.

The owners of the café felt that good manners don’t cost people anything but they are willing to help people save a little extra if they are good enough to be polite to the staff; a move that appears to be gratefully received.

Now you might be thinking that paying just €4.25 for a €7.00 cup of coffee is a good deal, especially when you only have to be nice and say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ but the owners have taken this a step further.

The owners of The Petite Syrah café want to have the most polite customers in Nice and therefore any customer willing to greet the servers with a cheerful ‘good day, a coffee please’ get an even better deal; for the charge of €7.00 is significantly reduced to just €1.40 – now that’s what we call value for money and according to the owners its working very well.

It is a known fact that the French frown on rudeness and have a passion for their pleasantries; after all it costs nothing and can really help make someone feel respected and valued.

No matter where you live, the next time you go out remember that a simple please and thank you can make the world of difference and will certainly make your daily experience much more rewarding and enjoyable.

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French Café Charges Extra for Rudness