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French Calling on Britain to Relax Immigration Laws to Ease Burden on Calais

French Calling on Britain to Relax Immigration Laws to Ease Burden on Calais

FRENCH CALLING ON BRITAIN TO RELAX IMMIGRATION LAWS TO EASE BURDEN ON CALAIS – French Interior Minister Manuel Valls has called on Britain to relax its immigration policy in order to ease the pressure on French port authorities at Calais due to the growing number of immigrants who are now waiting to enter Britain.

Mr. Valls has also invited the Home Secretary Theresa May to visit Calais in order to see for herself the growing problem.

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It appears that Mr. Valls simply wants to remove the problem of immigrants by gently coercing Britain into opening its doors to the hordes of mainly Afghan immigrants.

The French port police have on a number of occasions been accused to ‘turning a blind eye’ which has resulted in a number of immigrants turning up in Britain illegally; of course once they enter Britain we are legally obliged to care for them.

Calais - Problems with Immigrants

According to the French authorities they have, in co-operation with the British authorities, managed to prevent a large number of immigrants from entering Britain; in April 2013 alone some 11,000 illegal immigrants prevented from entering Britain.

The French Government are calling for an end to a passé in which they suggest a deal needs to be devised and implemented in order to find a ‘compassionate’ solution to the increasing numbers; again this could well be interpreted as the French simply wanting to rid themselves of the issue and dump the problem directly on the doorstep of Britain.

From the number of comments from readers around the web on this particular subject it is clear there is a growing disdain for the European Union and many fail to understand why France doesn’t deal with the issue by simply deporting them instead of attempting to pass the problem onto the British taxpayer.

With the ever growing number of immigrants entering Britain simply looking for a hand-out it is understandable why the British no longer have any faith in the EU.  The Right of Free Movement, which is now just days away from being implemented, might just be the final nail in the coffin of Britain’s future involvement in the EU.

If Britain does get a flood of immigrants it’s likely that a massive swing in the polls will take effect in favour of UKIP and it’s most unlikely David Cameron will see another term in office.

Currently the Government is looking at a number of ways to deter economic immigrants; such as yesterday’s suggestion by Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith who intends to implement a test to see if those entering can communicate adequately in English.


Migrants Required to Pass English Test Before Claiming Benefits

As we approach 1 January with trepidation the Government appears to be clutching at straws in order to find a solution to reduce the numbers of mainly Eastern Europeans from entering Britain.

However, it is now crystal clear that any measures the Government now devises will not only be deemed illegal by the European Union but also far too little and certain far too late by the voting public.

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