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Friends Star Matthew Perry Debates the Use of Specialist Drugs Courts

Friends Star Matthew Perry Debates the Use of Specialist Drugs Courts

FRIENDS STAR MATTHEW PERRY DEBATES THE USE OF SPECIALIST DRUGS COURTS – The American actor and star of the popular sitcom show ‘Friends’ Matthew Perry, ended up in an extremely heated debate with Mail on Sunday with columnist Peter Hitchens, over whether specialists drugs courts should be widely introduced so that those sitting in judgment have a greater understanding of what issues drug addicts face.

Matthew Perry has long battled drinking and drug abuse and told the audience that questioning drug addiction as a cause for crime is as ludicrous as thinking Peter Pan is real.

Matthew Perry strongly advocates the use of specialist drugs courts whereby those sitting in judgment should be former addicts in order to allow society to deal effectively with addiction related crimes.

Peter Hitchens hit back against such an idea saying that a specialist drugs court could in fact end up trying cases where there is a ‘fantasy of addiction’.

Newsnight - Specialist Drug Courts

As the Newsnight debated continued, it was obvious that neither Matthew Perry nor Peter Hitchens were prepared to step down from their beliefs or even consider areas of merit from each other’s point of view.

At one point, Matthew Perry attacked Peter Hitchens, accusing him of being blind to any suggestions outside of the essay he wrote titled ‘The War We Never Fought: The British Establishment’s Surrender to Drugs.

However, Peter Hitchens quickly countered Mathew Perry’s comment by stating that he had indeed previously debated drug abuse and Government policy with ex-addict Russell Brand noting that more people now use illegal substances since possession was effectively made legal.

As the interview and debate progressed, neither would concede and at times the debate appeared to get personal and as such the producers, at the end of the programme, took the decision to escort Mathew Perry and Peter Hitchins out of the studio via different exists.

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