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Gagging the Press is a Threat to Democracy

Gagging the Press is a Threat to Democracy

GAGGING THE PRESS IS A THREAT TO DEMOCRACY – You may not like what I have to say and that is your prerogative.

I wouldn’t dare to claim that I’m always right or what has published should be enshrined in stone; in fact the very modus operendi of is to allow anyone to cast their opinion for that is their democratic right.

Since went live in November 2012 we’ve published a number of articles on the issues of democracy, politicians and the ever increasing intrusion of the European Union into British policies, which have all but swallowed the UK whole by stripping away its legislative powers.

The conclusion I have often drawn upon is that we don’t in fact have much of a democracy. Yes of course we get to vote who we put in power but the truth is that once they are installed they rarely if ever listen to the majority public sentiment; some call this ignoring the public, I called it a flagrant abuse of power with the remit of denying the public their democratic right to change.

We’ve witness this debacle over the last few years with the public crying out for an EU referendum.  David Cameron’s answer to this was to provide such in 2017 on the provision that he is re-elected in the 2015 General Election.

You can slice and dice such a provision anyway you like but in my mind it is nothing short of blackmail of a nationwide scale – that is we either give Mr. Cameron the ‘Yes’ vote or we’ll never see a referendum.

Unfortunately the British public haven’t seen the end of this issue for it’s likely the House of Lords will quash any change in the law that would allow the public to have an EU referendum.

How democratic is such a realisation that a minority is able to dictate whether or not we get a democratic choice… the answer to that is blatantly obvious.

Let’s move on… The other underlying issue to the lack of democracy is that of ‘Freedom of the Press’.

Yes we witnessed how the Leveson Inquiry twisted and manipulated its findings in order to effectively force the British press to adopt a Royal Press Charter that would successfully give politicians the ability to gag any newspaper, online or offline, in publishing an article that they don’t like or rather one that exposes their wrong-doing.

Leading up to the signing of the Royal Press Charter a number of news corporations pleaded with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II not to sign it; of course this was a futile exercise for the Queen is merely a constitutional monarch and therefore her signature on creating laws once presented by parliament is a foregone conclusion.

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Regardless of the Royal Press Charter not one single news establishment has yet to sign up and adopt it for they are fully aware that it is only the press, right or wrong, which has the ability to expose those in office who engage in questionable activities or indeed break the law.

It is unquestionable that politicians are not keen on the free press for they would rather keep their dirty laundry from being publicly aired but the inextricable truth is that all politicians willingly chose a public life and should therefore expect every act to be scrutinised by the press and reported to the public.

David Cameron recently announced that he was going to force the press into adopting the Royal Charter; such a move is reason enough to ensure that our politicians are never entrusted with any role in overseeing the Press.

Yesterday the Daily Mail published an article on how it was admonished by senior politicians and civil servants for leaking the story of Tory MP Adrian Burley.

Mr. Burley recently resigned due to the pressure the Daily Mail put on him for his part in organising a Nazi themed party in which he was photographed in an SS uniform giving the Nazi salute.

An number of high profile politicians and senior civil servants attempted to cover up and even defend Mr. Burley’s actions; including David Cameron and Sir Gerald Howarth.

Sir Howarth even had the audacity to declare this was the underlying reason why the Leveson Inquiry was correct in its findings which ultimately created the Royal Press Charter… read between the lines and what he is really saying is that the Royal Press Charter would have been able to effectively cover-up the wrong-doing of Mr. Burley.

With Mr. Burley’s departure it is now crystal clear that some politicians are attempting to shift the blame on to the press with a renewed effort to enforce the Royal Press Charter which would unequivocally deny freedom of the press and allow politicians to take a step further towards a totalitarian dictatorship.

With their ability to suppress the truth Britain would basically be looking at a Chinese, French or North Korean style of Government and at that point your democratic right to vote will be truly meaningless because you won’t know who or what you are electing.

We must preserve the free press and not be forced to place politicians on a pedestal of righteousness but rather hold them fully accountable for their acts or omissions; something that politicians with the use of the Royal Press Charter would quash at every turn if permitted.

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