Germany Destroy Brazil’s Final Dreams with Seven Goal Battering

Germany Destroy Brazil’s Final Dreams with Seven Goal Battering

THE GUARDIAN – It was the night Germany removed the crown from football royalty. They did so with their own version of the beautiful game and, by the time they had finished, Brazil had suffered an ignominy that was so extreme and implausible it felt as though a black marker pen had been taken to the pages of their football history.

No team in that famous shirt has ever suffered in the way Luiz Felipe Scolari’s did during a brutal first half in which Germany scored five times in 19 minutes and played as though their opponents might as well have been invited from the beach. Brazil had not lost a competitive match at home since 1975 but they were not just removed from their own World Cup.

They were embarrassed in a way that will make them look back on this tournament and want to shelter their eyes. It was football’s equivalent of chewing on broken glass and they should probably just be grateful Germany did not make it even more harrowing after Andre Schürrle had added another two goals in the second half.

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