Giant Crucifix Crushes Man to Death

by Editor | April 25, 2014 6:44 am

GIANT CRUCIFIX CRUSHES MAN TO DEATH –Marco Gusmini, 21, a young pilgrim, was today crushed to death by a 100ft giant crucifix that was erected in honour of Pope John Paul II back in 1998.

The 100ft curved crucifix collapsed during a ceremony in northern Italy just days before the Pope’s canonisation; medics at the scene declare that Mr. Gusmini died instantly.

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The crucifix, designed by Enrico Job, which was curved with a statue of Jesus, looking down on those who came to see the ceremony weighed in at approximately 1,300Ibs.

The giant crucifix was initially made in honour of Pope John Paul’s II visit to Brescia, Lombardy and was erected at a most beautiful location near Cevo back in 1998.

Giant Crucifx Collapses Killing Pilgrim - Image 1[2]

Records indicate this is not the first time someone has been killed by a crucifix; in 2004 a 72 year old woman was crushed to death by a 7ft metal crucifix in Sant’Onofrio, Calabria.

According to eye witnesses a number of people were preparing lunch under the crucifix, including Mr. Gusmini.  As they started eating a loud crunch was heard as the cables supporting the structure gave way sending a number of people scattering in all directions; it was reported that Mr. Gusmini ran in the wrong direction and was crushed under the enormous weight.

The local major, Mr. Citroni, told reporters that was an unimaginable disaster as a young man has lost his life; he went on to explain that it was only last summer that maintenance of the crucifix had been carried out and it was at the time of completing the maintenance work declared to be perfectly safe.

The Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera is now claiming that this incident is being seen as an ill omen ahead of Sunday’s ceremony that will declare John Paul II a Saint alongside the Italian Pope John XXIII; it is expected that over 800,000 Catholic pilgrims from around the world will attend in Rome to celebrate the canonisation of both John Paul II and John XXIII.

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