Girl 17 Gang Raped and Taunted then Commits Suicide

GIRL 17 GANG RAPED AND TAUNTED THEN COMMITS SUICIDE – Today I read an article in the Daily Mail that was more than disturbing and should shake the foundations of our very souls and yet this appears to becoming so mainstream that many are saying we are simply accepting tragedies of this type as the norm in modern society.

Rehtaeh Parsons was a bright A Grade student. According to her parents she was a loving person who studied hard, was respectful and mindful of others, but that all changed one night when she was gang raped by four boys.

Before I go on, take a good hard long look at Rehtaeh Parsons and you will see that the world has lost a truly beautiful person.

Before I go on, take a good hard long look at Rehtaeh Parsons and you will see that the world has lost a truly beautiful person.

During the rape the four boys took pictures and once they had finished defiling her very soul they then posted the photos on their Facebook and other social media accounts taunting her with the words ‘slut’ and ‘whore’.  During the following months Rehtaeh was subjected to the lowest form of humanity, if humanity is a word that should even be used, as others began taunting her with vile hate messages.

As the months past Rehtaeh became more and more withdrawn, her grades collapsed and she became a shell of her former self. Rehtaeh Parsons, from Nova Scotia, Canada on Thursday after continuous bombardment of ridicule did something that many before her have done… she took her own life by hanging herself in her bathroom.

Questions are now being asked if the authorities did enough for Rehtaeh as they concluded after the rape that there was ‘insufficient’ evidence to bring charges.

For the full story see the Daily Mail.

This, as I have stated above, should shock us to our very core and everywhere this story is featuring comments are being left of which most are asking; “Is this what our society has become?”

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What people should be asking is WHY has this type of behaviour become the norm and why are the authorities NOT taking appropriate action over those responsible; especially those vile, spiteful and mindless morons that are such cowards that they have to take to anonymous posting on the web to get their kicks?

The trouble is we’ve moved from a just society to a liberal society.  Many believed that the liberal way was indeed far more just and yet the evidence clearly points to the fact that liberalism has driven society to a point where crime becomes un-punishable due to ‘human rights’ or that we now view criminals as ‘victims of society’.

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The internet is a wonderful revelation and allows billions of people around the globe to interact with one another on a more sociable basis; however while there are numerous benefits there is also a very dark side to the internet that some use to play out their sick fantasies and pray on the weak or indefensible.

There is no question that the authorities are capable of finding out who placed the vile images of Rehtaeh’s rape and who engaged in the hate campaign; but the question is what will the authorities do with these people?

The likely scenario is that they will first be determined to be too young to fully comprehend their actions resulting in nothing more than a slap on the wrist.  That I am afraid is the ‘liberal’ way and this will always be used to full advantage of those who wish to spread their evil of misery.


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Of course if we lived in a ‘just’ system the four boys would be behind bars for a minimum of 50 years and the instigators and perpetrators of the social network hate campaign would all be serving a minimum of 25 years in prison.

What these vile internet trolls did to Rehtaeh, in my mind, is nothing less than murder.  People know that their cruelty if relentless can push a person to the brink and over it.  In these cases a clear case of murder by coercion should exist and the punishment for such a crime should be a minimum of 25 years.

No doubt by tomorrow you would have forgotten about Rehtaeh and moved on to yet another piece of news that is equally or even more heinous than this. However what won’t move on is that fact that someone right now is being taunted online and someone is in real danger to taking their own life and unless we change the laws, remove the liberal ways and recognise it for what it truly is ‘an excuse to the vilest levels of humanity’ then expect this to be played out time and time and hope that it’s not your child.

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