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Giving Andy Choudary a Knighthood

Giving Andy Choudary a Knighthood

GIVING ANDY CHOUDARY A KNIGHTHOOD – He goes by a number of names, Anjem Choudary, Andy Choudary, the Bearded Muppet or as many like to refer to him as the Islamic hate filled preacher who happily lives off benefits that the taxpayer provides whilst he clandestinely goes about convincing the weak minded to kill in the name of Islam.

It is of course that time of year when Her Majesty the Queen will be forced to hand out no end of ritual baubles such as a knighthood, a Peerage or other such anointment’s that will allow the recipient to use a title such as Sir, Lord, Lady and many others.

In one interview, BBC Newsnight, Choudary continuously dodged the question as to whether he supported the terrorist murder and while he never actually admitted sanctioning such an act it was clear that he felt Michael Adebolajo, the Islamic extremist who carried out the murder, was indeed a hero of Muslims.

I’m a bit old fashioned in that I like the idea of the Queen bestowing some with an honour that depicts their work for the betterment of mankind; although that’s not how the system works in modern times.

Instead our Government selects friends, family and their cronies who have managed to crawl sufficiently deep enough inside their backsides to be deemed as loyal supporters; we are of course talking about the likes of Alan Parker, although it’s fair enough to assume that you’ve never heard of him; for an enlightenment see the articles below.


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Considering this year’s honours list with its liberal application of liars and thieves would it really be that offensive to offer Andy Choudary a knighthood?

You’re probably thinking I’ve lost the plot but consider what Pat Condell has to say in his latest video in that Andy at least has the spine to tell the truth; that is he clearly allows us to see just how intolerant and violent his so-called religion of peace is.

Whilst Andy provides us with the very realisation that we are all mere lambs to the slaughter, if we don’t convert to Islam, he’s also publicly acknowledged that he intends to use his position of ethnicity and religion as a means to fleece the taxpayer for anyone denying him the ability to live off welfare would be branded a bigot and indeed a racist bigot.

Such honesty will never been found within the halls of Government and despite what the officials know about Andy he’s still allowed to walk free as they, under the liberal indoctrination of not wanting to be seen as being bigoted or racist, will happily look the other way.

No doubt there will be many who will find the notion of Andy Choudary being awarded knighthood completely offensive but look closely at this year’s Honours List and you will quickly discover that such a notion is little less offensive than the list compiled by the committee under the close scrutiny and direction of our illustrious Prime Minister David Cameron and his old school boy’s network.

It is time that the compilation of the Honours List was taken away from politicians and given to the people to decide.  Such a system could be easily managed by setting up a website that would allow the public to nominate those truly worthy; instead of the questionable characters that appear on the list year after year.

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