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Goats Playing Video Goes Viral

Goats Playing Video Goes Viral

GOATS PLAYING VIDEO GOES VIRAL – Animals can be as entertaining as children and a video from France featuring four goats of varying ages has gone viral in less than a few hours.

Taking turns under the watchful eye of an older goat who for some reason is tethered, the kids seem to have an endless amount of energy as they jump onto the sheet metal ribbon.  In a game similar to King of the Mountain, the goats try to knock each other off while maintaining their own balance as the structure bends and waves under their weight.

The video reinforces how intelligent animals, even goats can be and the fact that just like us, they get bored and will find something to do with whatever is on hand.

I don’t know much about goats myself, but the comments following the video indicate that the structure they are having so much fun with is used as protection from sun or rain.

The video has been covered by the Daily Mail and other news sources around the world giving it more than 840,000 views in just a few hours and almost 7 million hits in less than a week.

Most of us are captivated with the animal kingdom and coming across a video that captures their antics is entertaining and sure to bring a smile to your face.  This one is worth watching more than once.

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