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Google AdSense: Generating Revenue for Your Website

Google AdSense: Generating Revenue for Your Website

GOOGLE ADSENSE: GENERATING REVENUE FOR YOUR WEBSITE – Google’s creation of AdWords, which allowed businesses to feature on prime locations on Google search through paid advertising, was without doubt the catalyst to Google’s vast revenue income, effectively making it today one of the most powerful companies on earth.

With AdWords the developers came up with another idea… why not let website owners display Google Ads on their pages, allowing them to generate revenue and as a result boost Google revenue?

The concept was hatched, developed and implemented into what we now know as Google AdSense.

It was an idea that Yahoo also decided to hit upon although Yahoo’s Ad Partner Programme came with traffic conditions; that is Yahoo insisted that a publisher must generate 50,000 visitors a month before being accepted into the programme… it was move that was to see Yahoo being left behind and Google further strengthening its position as No.1 search engine on the planet.

Google took the position that it didn’t matter how many visitors a particular website attracted; a click is still a click which only generates more income, it was viewed as a win, win situation.

The great thing about Google AdSense from the perspective of a website owner is the fact that the AdSense programme is easy to sign up to, easy to implement the Ad code that never needs any form of management other than maybe changing the location of the Ads and finally allowing start-ups and established online businesses to generate much needed income.

It all sounds great and according to Google there are now 2 million publishers in the AdSense programme.  Google also declared that in 2013 it shared US$9 billion with its AdSense publishing partners and that this revenue continues to grow for both Google and its publishing partners.

Setting up Google AdSense is very easy and it allows the publisher to choose between contextual, image and video ads; all three if you want to offer a wider range of advertisements.

Google’s remit is to deliver advertising to the website visitor through either a correlation to the content on the page or through their browsing history.  The latter has caused a fair amount of controversy over the last few years due to privacy issues and many online users are becoming more and more suspicious to Google’s personal information gathering agenda.

With the revelations of Edward Snowden who brought to light the NSA’s monitoring of public activity and that Google and Facebook were suppling the NSA with data, an accusation they vehemently deny, it is little wonder why people are now more concerned about how their online activities are being watched.

I’m sure that there will be many would-be online entrepreneurs reading this and rubbing their hands at the prospect of having a share of the US$9 billion that Google pays out but you need to consider a few factors.

For starters you can’t simply install Google Ads and then click away to your heart’s content in order to earn revenue.  Google carefully monitors ‘click-through’ activity and if they detect that you’ve being clicking on your own Ads then they will terminate your account – that will be the end of your earning potential.

The second issue comes down to the amount of traffic you can attract to your website. US$9 billion sounds like an awful lot of cash and it certainly is but if you divide this amount by the 2 million publishers that Google reports to have then the average earnings per year per publisher is just US$4,500.

That’s just US$375 a month and for most online businesses that won’t even cover the cost of hosting, heat, light and electric.

Getting a website up and running, especially when using a back-end system, commonly known as a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress has never been easier.

For instance meebal.com was started on a shoe-string budget of less than US$200 and therefore I can attest to the ease of getting an online business fully operational.

Unfortunately some 90% of all websites created are abandoned within the first three months of operation.  Most would-be online entrepreneurs quickly tire to the lack of interest their website receives and with just a handful of people a month visiting and with less than 1% clicking on Google Ads it becomes quickly apparent that the road to riches is not as easy as first thought.

To give you an idea of the reality of running a website here’s my current situation… I work 14 hours a day, 7 days a week and since meebal.com went live in November 2012 I have taken one day off… yes I took the day off to get married, which was just two weeks ago J

Traffic figures fluctuate wildly at times and I can put this down to the content that I write; that is some articles receive far more interest than others.

On average meebal.com generates between 15,000 to 30,000 visitors a month; in December 2013 I hit a record high of 97,000 and yet despite such a number my AdSense earnings resulted in less than US$150 and that is with following every possible conceivable Ad placement advice from Google.

Considering the figure above when attached to the numbers of visitors I can tell you that my average monthly Google AdSense earnings is approximately US$25 and when you work it out to the workload on an hourly basis it equates to an hourly wage of just US$0.06.

If you are now re-thinking your position of starting a website and using Google AdSense as a means of generating income then you need to consider a few other factors.

Regardless to my situation there are hundreds of very successful websites that do earn thousands of dollars a month from using Google AdSense.  Part of this comes down to their niche market; that is advertisers generally pay more per click for specific content that is in direct correlation with their products or services; therefore the earnings per click can be considerably higher.

Most websites when first launched won’t attract many visitors; this is the reason that so many are abandoned because these people were under the illusion that millions of people would flock to their website instantly … that is pure fantasy.

I don’t have a formal budget for advertising, in fact I don’t have a budget at all and I’m not alone for there are thousands of websites in operation who are in the same predicament.

It takes time to garner an audience and it takes an inordinate amount of hard work to keep them returning but I am convinced that with effort comes reward which is why I have no intention of abandoning meebal.com.

You really do have to love what you do and for me giving an opinion on all manner of issues is what I truly love; meebal.com is also set up to allow other people to give their opinions.

Whilst US$25 a month is never going to make me rich I view this as merely an acorn and hopefully with hard work and diligence that acorn will grow into the oak tree I envision.

In my view Google AdSense is a great way to help cover the costs and US$1 is better than nothing at all and over time hopefully this will grow and as my audience increases I should be able to attract direct advertising; which ultimately pays more.

If you are thinking about running your own website then Google AdSense is a good way to get started in making a little money… just remember the pot of gold is out there but for most it’s a very long way away and to get there will take years of hard work and dedication.

Here’s a couple of videos that can help you get started with Google AdSense:

How to Set Up a Google AdSense Account and Receive Payments

How to Create Ads with Google AdSense

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