Google Claims Servers Secure from NSA but Leaked Reports Show Differently

GOOGLE CLAIMS SERVERS SECURE FROM NSA BUT LEAKED REPORTS SHOW DIFFERENTLY – Only today did publish an article on how Facebook now intends to create software that will track its users even when they leave Facebook.

This is yet another move to spy on your every movement and yet Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and other major internet companies insist your data is safe from the clutches of the NSA.


Facebook Moves to Track Your EVERY Movement

According to an article published in The Washington Post; a leaked document, see below, describes how the NSA breaks into the likes of Google and Yahoo data centers with impunity and that Google and Yahoo are apparently unaware of the intrusion.

NSA Leaked Sketch of How it Breaks into Google Servers

How often do we see the UK and U.S Governments track down and imprison hackers and yet such activities appear not only to be taking place within the Government sanctioned organisations such as the NSA and the British equivalent GCHQ, it is openly condoned – yes, all under the guise of ‘national security’.

The article in The Washington Post details leaked documents by Edward Snowden that show how the NSA managed to break in and steal over 180 million records, including text, audio and video.

These records were then dissected so that the NSA could determine who created them, who viewed them and how such material was used.

Again, the NSA has come out to refute the leak documents as pure fabrication.

“I am unaware of the report, adding that the NSA is not authorized to access data centers and must go through a court process to obtain it.” Gen. Keith Alexander, The NSA’s leader

Both Google and Yahoo told The Washington Post that they had not given the NSA permission to access such data nor were either aware of any infiltration into their so-called heavily secured data center servers.

Despite denials by Google, Yahoo and the NSA, the documents show that the NSA’s MUSCULAR program uses a closely guarded unnamed telecommunications company that gives the NSA covert access to the telecommunications cables used by both Google and Yahoo which allows the NSA to pass unencrypted traffic between their servers.

It was of course revealed months ago that the NSA was collecting vast amounts of data from Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook and a number of other internet giants after Edward Snowden fled the U.S after leaking sensitive information on how the NSA’s PRISM system was illegally collecting vast amounts of data on private citizens.

Since Edward Snowden’s revelations, privacy advocates continue to blast Government infringement on their rights to privacy whilst the Government remains firm on the aspects of national security and using such data for the prevention of terrorist attack.

It certainly appears that our personal data is being stolen and used by our Government’s security agencies under the pretence of fighting terrorism and in the process the likes of Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and others continue to deny their security has been compromised.

It is poignant to look back at what Eric Schultz, Google CEO, had to say about our privacy … “If you don’t want people knowing what you do then it’s best you don’t do it in the first place.”

Such a statement can only lead to the conclusion that Google’s systems are not as secure as they would like us to believe and it may even transpire that the likes of Google are working alongside the NSA in order to ensure our every move is monitored.

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