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Google Doodles Accused of Being Racist and Sexist

Google Doodles Accused of Being Racist and Sexist

GOOGLE DOODLES ACCUSED OF BEING RACIST AND SEXIST – According to the laws in all western civilizations it is illegal to discriminate against a person regardless of their sex, race, colour, creed or religion.

If we take and act upon the notion of the law implicitly then frankly such discrimination doesn’t actually exist because the law forbids such.

Unfortunately it does exist and it exists because certain sectors, mostly the liberally indoctrinated, keep it alive by fuelling accusations of such discrimination.

Remember what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said in his famous ‘I have a dream…’ speech; ‘Judge a man not by the colour of his skin but rather by the content of his character.’

Yes, Dr. King certain had it right and you would think that in this day and age of enlightenment the ridiculous notion of racism and sexism should no longer be an issue.

For those that continue to fuel such it is clear you have been measured, weighed and found wanting for your character clearly defines you as a person who has nothing better else to do other than continue pouring gasoline on the fires of racism and sexism in the hope of keeping both alive so that you simply have a weapon to use against anyone who dares challenge your liberal ideology.

Enter Google… there’s an organisation out there called ‘SPARK’ which describes itself as a ‘girl-fuelled activist movement’.  I could leave it at that but I won’t.

Now this group actually took the time to sift through hundreds of Google Doodles with the remit of uncovering Google’s horrific legacy of racist and sexist discrimination.

SPARK accuses Google Doodles as being racist and sexist.

Yes, there are children starving in the world, millions of people suffering at the hands of totalitarian dictators such as Kim Jong-Un but this group is aggravated by Google Doodles… I wonder if the verb ‘Get a life’ actually means anything to those at SPARK?

Here’s the ‘inforgraphic’ which SPARK declares visibly shows Google’s level of racism and sexism for rarely do they produce a Doodle that denotes the triumphs of coloured people or women but rather focuses mainly on white men.

Racist and Sexist Google Doodles Infographic

“For a while now, we at SPARK have noticed that white men get featured on the Google homepage all the time, whereas women of color are rarely honoured.”  SPARK

Google first introduced the concept of the Doodle back in 2001 when it honoured Monet.  Back then Doodles were in fact a pretty rare event but since 2010 the much loved Doodles have appeared far more frequently and feature notable people in history.

I actually find the purpose of SPARK offensive for they are willing to simply overlook the historical aspect, and its educational purposes, and focus on an issue that really shouldn’t be an issue in modern times.

SPARK on the other hand state that they are simply trying to redress the balance so that all people and sexes get an equal amount of Doodles and therefore are calling upon Google to change so that Doodles weigh equally across the colour and sex divide.

Personally I’ve never paid any attention to the Doodles other than seeing the educational aspect; it is irrelevant in my eyes if the person featured is white, coloured, male or female… I’m guessing in SPARKS eyes that would make me a racist and a sexist.

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