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Government Betrayal of Sergeant Alexander Blackman

Government Betrayal of Sergeant Alexander Blackman

GOVERNMENT BETRAYAL OF SERGEANT ALEXANDER BLACKMAN – First the Government trained Sergeant Alexander Blackman to kill and then they continuously ordered him in to some of the most dangerous places in the world to fight a war that could never be won.

Sergeant Alexander BlackmanYes the Government wanted Sergeant Alexander Blackman to do their dirty bidding in order that the bloodshed would never stain their hands.

Sergeant Alexander Blackman was, and indeed remains, a highly trained killing machine and every day he put his life on the line so those in Whitehall could declare that our democracy and liberty is safe.

What Sergeant Alexander Blackman did when he killed the Taliban insurgent was to make a choice; a choice he faced every day and one that no politician could ever have the spine or stomach to do.

Sergeant Alexander Blackman was right; turn the tables around and it’s most likely that the Taliban insurgent wouldn’t have shown Sergeant Alexander Blackman any mercy – after all this was a war but one where the enemy is practically unknown; the enemy could even be an innocent looking child – that is the depth of depravity the Taliban are willing to sink to in order to kill their enemy.

In order to ease the conscience of those in power and to appear humane in the eyes of the world they took Sergeant Alexander Blackman and put him on trial. After convicting him of simply doing his job (they called it murder) they sentenced him to 10 years in prison.

During and immediately after the trial the only decent thing the authorities of Britain did was to keep Sergeant Alexander Blackman’s identity a secret as he was known only to the public as Marine A.

Keeping Sergeant Alexander Blackman’s identity a secret was of course essential to protecting not only his life but that of his family, for it is a full gone conclusion that he and his family would become targets of Muslim terrorists if they knew his identity.

The Government of course, again betrayed a man that protected our democracy and liberty by declaring Sergeant Alexander Blackman’s name to the world.

We have now truly witnessed the medley of those in the halls of Whitehall and particularly those in the Ministry of Defence for they are all more than willing to hang one of our own out to dry for doing a job that they are not capable of doing – yes getting blood on your Savile Row suit is not something any politician is willing to do but they certainly don’t mind sending the likes of Sergeant Alexander Blackman to do their dirty bidding.

Sergeant Alexander Blackman now has growing public support on both Twitter and Facebook and it’s likely that this will continue to grow – we must not and cannot allow this travesty of justice to stand simply to allow those in power to get off scott free; he was after all acting on their orders.

Here are just a few of the Twitter comments in support of Sergeant Alexander Blackman …

“Ten years’ imprisonment for killing a member of the Taliban, yet killing Bin Laden in his bedroom was fine. He is still a human being, what’s the difference? Of course, silly old me, forgot the governments of this world can do what they please!” Terry Wright

Yes, Mr. Wright is correct, there is no difference, albeit that it was U.S officials that directly ordered Osama Bin Laden’s murder; but make no mistake, murder it was.

However, no one was going to complain about removing such evil from the world; a man that was capable of killing innocent men, women and children – conceivably there was no difference between Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban insurgent that Sergeant Alexander Blackman killed.

“So Marine A goes down for life, 10 years min. That’s going to inflict more damage to the Marines than the Taliban ever could.”  oilywater@rumandcoffee

Oilywater is also perfectly correct; we have seen how the Secretary of Defence Philip Hammond has decimated the British Armed Forces and yet fail to reduce costs.  It could be argued that Sergeant Alexander Blackman’s trial was a convenient distraction whilst Mr. Hammond continues to fail the British public and most importantly those who serve in our Armed Forces.

Sergeant Alexander Blackman - Image 2

Of course Mr. Hammond’s job should come with a prerequisite that requires all those who serve as Secretary of Defence to have a minimum 5 years service in the Armed Forced and should have served on the front line as did Sergeant Alexander Blackman so they can fully comprehend the nature of war; especially when fighting an enemy that you cannot see.

“It’s a war! Who could blame him for shooting that guy after  witnessing his comrades’ legs hanging in the trees. I think the Taliban b*****d was very lucky to be granted a quick end to his miserable life!’  Jeanette Carter

Yes Ms. Carter is right, it is war but unlike any other.  The Taliban will happily use young men, women and even children as walking bombs in order to kill their adversaries.  What Sergeant Alexander Blackman did that day was to simply take out yet another terrorist – pure and simple and that’s exactly what he was trained to do.

One of the most poignant Twitter messages we came across was from that of Penny Johnson who wrote…

“What is the world coming to? We need a government who will stand up for British people.”

In our view there lies the entire problem.  Look carefully at the situation with The Guardian and the leaking of documents taken by Edward Snowden.  The real truth is that the boys and girls from Eaton, Cambridge and Oxford who make up our Government have so much to hide; if you released all of what Edward Snowden had taken it’s likely every Government official would face a public trail over a range of offenses including murder and treason.

Ms. Johnson is right, we do need a Government who will stand up for the British people but more importantly, fully support those we send into harm’s way in order to protect our democracy and liberty.

We so often hear those who leak information as being traitors and yet those in Government who insisted that Sergeant Alexander Blackman was tried and convicted are the real traitors, for they have simply declared to all known terrorist organisations that it is fine to murder us, for anyone who takes action against them will be tried and convicted for murder.

Yes, it is nothing short of treason and a travesty of justice and it’s time the British public united and rid themselves of an inept and self-serving Government.

Quite frankly we should all be ashamed to be British for Sergeant Alexander Blackman did not receive justice but rather was punished for doing the dirty deeds of those in Whitehall so that they may distance themselves from the realities of fighting a war with terrorists.

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  • Ann Layzell

    This man Sargeant Blackman was fulfilling is orders! It is a travesty of justice that he be detained in prison for,doing just that ! And then the prison services with no doubt government consent release several Muslim miscreants into the public domaine again to continue to undermine the British way if life! Why send our men to Afghanistan to fight and kill? If you allow these same people the freedom of our streets !!

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  • Peter Dow

    Free Sergeant Blackman! In HMP, UK for killing a Taliban!

    Bad enough that the UK broadcasters have been broadcasting Taliban propaganda (their excuses for shooting Malala) but now the UK courts have started locking up British soldiers for an act of war, calling it “murder”!

    Whose side are the UK on? The Taliban’s side it looks like. What traitors to the people who need defending from the Taliban! Shame on the UK!

    The British people know whose side they are on, and it is Sergeant Blackman’s side, not the Taliban’s side!

    This unjust conviction & sentence by the UK’s Queen’s ape judge courts may be intended to serve a royalist surrender plan to the Taliban, to seek favour with the King of Saudi Arabia and other Arab kingdoms / principalities (such as the UAE) which are major financial sponsors of the Taliban.

    It’s no secret that many Western leaders have no stomach for a war for victory against the Taliban and their Pakistani ISI masters and Saudi financiers. Instead, they want a peace deal and to withdraw from Afghanistan, surrendering Afghanistan to the imperial Saudi – Pakistani – Jihadi axis.

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