Government Insists It’s Getting Tough on Benefits

by Editor | May 7, 2014 7:40 am

GOVERNMENT INSISTS IT’S GETTING TOUGH ON BENEFITS – Whilst I may not be a fan of the debacle we call a Government there can be no denying that it has made some effort to tackling the issues of benefits by introducing welfare reforms that get people back to work.

Yet again, in the wake of Deirdre Kelly’s (aka White Dee) holiday whilst living off the backs of the hard working taxpayer, the Government has reinforced its message that people like Deirdre Kelly will not get away with fleecing the public.


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In an article today in the Daily Mail, Deirdre Kelly denied having a rapturous time and insisted she didn’t down a £500 bottle of champagne because, in her own words, she ‘f****** hates the stuff’.

Deirdre Kelly like so many benefit scroungers insists she is too depressed to work and that as a result of her depression she’s entitled to the £10,000 the taxpayer is forced to hand her each year in disability allowance alone.

I’ll make this short… there is a definitive way to reform welfare so that the likes of Deirdre Kelly is not able to fleece the taxpayer.

Welfare should consist of a monthly payment that is equivalent to 20% below minimum wage.  If hundreds of thousands of British workers can survive on it then why shouldn’t the lazy be subjected to considerably less.

If they choose and it is their choice, to live in squalor and abject poverty then let them get on with it but after one year all benefits should be stopped.

Yes, it might appear an inhumane act but do you honestly think the likes of Dierdre Kelly have any humanitarian concerns for the struggles of the austerity beaten taxpayer?

The answer is no and her actions clearly demonstrate a person that is no more suffering from depression than I am of suffering from an identity crisis.

People like Deirdre Kelly will continuously bleat on about how hard done they are and yet she refuses to take responsibility for her life and circumstance but rather plays to a liberal audience who then continuously fuel her laziness.


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She is of course unquestionably a product of a liberal society whereby welfare is no longer seen as a stepping stone or a helping hand to a better future but rather an entitlement to live a carefree existence on the back of others whilst crying poverty and a lack of opportunity within a cruel and uncaring society.

It’s true face however is one of laziness, ineptness, a lack of self-respect, a lack of moral integrity and of course an open willingness to fleece those who are often viewed as stupid enough to work and pay taxes.

Before I sign off consider this… the Work and Pensions Department are currently refusing to discuss Deirdre Kelly’s case or what actions they might take.  This is just another example of a Government failing to answer to its employers and in our view anyone who takes payment from the taxpayer should be fully answerable to them.

Therefore we should have a right to know what investigation is being undertaken and the outcome; we are after all paying the wages and footing the bills.

Have your say… Would you support greater welfare reforms? Do you think welfare should be capped at far greater levels in order to prevent the lazy from fleecing the taxpayer?

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