Government Looking at More Ways to Cut Public Spending

Government Looking at More Ways to Cut Public Spending

Victims should report crime online to help cut the number of 999 calls, the Home Secretary declared yesterday.

Theresa May said using the internet would save police money and free up officers for frontline work. Already being tested at two forces, the scheme would cover non-emergency cases such as criminal damage and minor theft.

She said the measure could cut police costs by £3.7million and free up an estimated 180,000 officer hours a year – potentially putting more bobbies on the beat.

Source: Daily Mail


Heading into the general election and one of the major issues the political parties need to address is how to cut public services and save vast sums of money.

What the public ought to consider at this point is where the so-called savings will come from; in this case it’s cutting into the 999 service.

One thing the public should be aware of is that all of the cuts the political parties talk about refers to public services.

The real money, we’re talking billions not millions, will continue to be wasted such as the vast sums handed over to the EU annually or the £11.7 billion doled out in foreign aid.


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Yes the political parties could in fact save vast sums and even reduce the national deficit in the process but areas such as the EU and foreign aid benefit them and fits their agenda … the British public need to know that they will always be an after-thought.

The saddest part of this whole charade is that the British public will go to the polls and once again vote in a bunch of politicians that cannot and will not take the measures necessary to save what’s left of Britain.

Feel free to give your point of view.

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