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Government Planning a Cap on Child Benefit… And About Time Too

Government Planning a Cap on Child Benefit… And About Time Too

GOVERNMENT PLANNING A CAP ON CHILD BENEFIT… AND ABOUT TIME TOO – Over the last few years it has become more widely accepted that welfare is likely to be the single social catalyst that tips Britain into a financial meltdown; we’re talking Greece but with infinitely more devastating consequences.

One of the underlying reasons for Britain’s immigration woes can clearly be attributed to welfare; after all who wouldn’t want free money at the expense of others if it was available.

Last week the National Audit Office, for the 24th year in a row, refused to sign off on the Department of Work and Pensions accounts due to a £3.5 billion hole in the balance sheet; some £1.5 billion of this was stolen through fraud whilst the remaining was handed over by the thousands of clerical errors that should never have occurred.

Child Benefit Vouchers

This year alone we have been subjected to dozens of cases were benefits scroungers are happy to breed and live with their burgeoning brood on the backs of the taxpayer.


Heather Frost Defends Her Decision to Have 11 Kids Whilst Living on Benefits

Wonder Why We Need Welfare Reform? Wonder No More

Today the taxpayer might just start to see a little relief as Downing Street announces a plan to cap Child Benefit to just two children; a move where some feel is still two children too many.

The move it to stamp out the on-going abuse which the likes of Heather Frost and hundreds more just like her who feel it is appropriate to produce a large brood that are subsequently supported by the taxpayer.

There will of course be the usual bickering in Downing Street; we certainly expect Nick Clegg will do whatever it takes to block such a move; a move that could save the taxpayer a staggering £5 billion annually.

We often talk about ‘social responsibility’ but it is clear to many that the social system of welfare is seriously being abused and it has to stop. We must, if Britain is to stave off bankruptcy, remove the notion of ‘entitlement’ and force people to take responsibility for their own actions.

It is our view at that Child Benefit should not exist in a modern society at all; having a child after all is a lifestyle choice and if a couple or a single person cannot afford to care for a child then they have no right to have children.

It is quite frankly a ridiculous notion that others should be forced to pay for another person’s lifestyle; after all if my neighbour decided to purchase a new Mercedes Benz it wouldn’t be deemed appropriate for him to knock on my door and expect me to hand over cash to cover any finance he may have on such a purchase.

Again it’s a lifestyle choice and one we should be fully responsible for; the notion of asking others to pick up the bill for our lifestyle choices is not only absurd but pure and utter madness.

The proposal by the Government is to slash £5 billion from Britain’s welfare bill by limiting child benefit to the first two children.  Under the proposal, revealed late yesterday, families would lose their entitlement to child tax credit for any more than two children.

Current those parents with three children, for example, who would normally be entitled to child benefit because their earning are below £50,000 would lose out to the tune of £696 a year.

For families with earnings below £30,000 they too will be denied child tax credits saving the taxpayer £2,725 a year per household with three children.

The proposals have to forwarded by Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi, the man recently appointed by David Cameron to the policy board at No.10; a board that is specifically designed to think up vote-winning policies for the up and coming election.

Read Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi’s views… read

Taxpayer’s have long been squeezed hard and the Chancellor George Osborne is fully aware that in order to provide relief to the taxpayer he must cut costs in other areas of public spending.

Welfare appears to be the obvious target and one where he expects little opposition from the general public; especially in the light of widespread abuse that is costing the taxpayer billions of pounds annually.

Recent opinion polls clearly indicated that the Chancellor has massive support for the reduction of welfare and the Tory Party has stated that such a move, along with others being planned, it is vital to the British economy and essential to encourage greater social responsibility.

The Labour Party have come out to attack this recent plan stating that this is nothing short of an attempt at ‘social engineering’ and that it’s comparable to China’s ‘one child policy’.

So when will the taxpayer finally see more relief?  This proposal, like the EU referendum, will only come into effect if the Tory Party is elected to power in the 2015 General Election; yes again we are seeing David Cameron and his cabinet almost engaging in public blackmail.

There is also a downside to their plans for the new system of Child Benefit will only apply to families who produce three or more children after the change; that is the likes of Heather Frost, will continue to be permitted to fleece the taxpayer and therefore the £5 billion annual savings will not materialised until the next generation.

The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is said to be furious at such a plan but as Mr. Zhawai rightly pointed out, the welfare system was set up in the 1940’s when populations were nowhere near what they are today, where immigration was not an overwhelming issue and were it was seen as a ‘last resort’ and not the ‘lifestyle choice’ it has become today due to the ideology of ‘entitlement’.

There can be no denying that welfare is now nothing short of a fiscal straitjacket and one that is trapping millions into a life of dependency on the state; this social trend must stop and stop before it financially bankrupts Britain.

People must start to take responsibility for their actions and especially in their choice to reproduce; people should ask themselves if they can afford to have a child or indeed another child.

There are some who are now caricaturing the Tory Party as the ‘Nasty Party’ due to the number of welfare reforms they have introduced since coming to power.

However ‘nasty’ these measure may appear to some; especially those on the receiving end, it is undeniable that Britain cannot sustain the level of welfare currently offered and with the expected influx of migrants from the Eastern European nations after 1 January we must ensure that welfare is not the principle reason they wish to come to Britain and the only way to ensure this is to continuously cut welfare and get the population back to work and take responsibility for their own lives.

There are many who feel that such a plan is too little, too late and that it’s time to actively elect a Government that care about Britain and foremost the British taxpayer.

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