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Government Report on Immigration Delayed

Government Report on Immigration Delayed

GOVERNMENT REPORT ON IMMIGRATION DELAYED – A Government report on the impact of EU immigration has been delayed until after the European Elections in May.

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According to some ‘insiders’ the report does not provide sufficient evidence to suggest that EU immigration policies are having a negative effect on Britain’s economy and therefore wouldn’t support the Tory’s plans for tighter controls on new arrivals.

The report is supposed to be David Cameron’s key weapon in negotiating with the EU on restricting the right of free movement; something that the EU has already made perfectly clear in that there are no avenues available to the British Government and any attempt to restrict EU arrivals would be met with legal action.


EU Tells Britain it CANNOT Rewrite EU Immigration Rules

It is easy to become paranoid over the numbers of Romanians and Bulgarians that intend or indeed have come to Britain.

Regardless to how these people are perceived you simply cannot place them all in the same basket; that being benefit freeloaders and criminals for there are a vast number who work and add significantly to the possible prosperity of Britain through the taxes they pay.


Cutting Net Migrant Could Add £300 Billion to the National Debt

The public needs to wake up to the fact that there wouldn’t be a problem in the first place if we forced those receiving benefits back into work; this would restrict the number of jobs available and ultimately the number of Eastern Europeans arriving for work.

Should Britain defy the EU and include restrictions?  The answer to that is one highly opposed by the Liberal Left-wing progressives, most notably the wet we call the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg.

Here is a man, despite clear evidence, who feels Britain is the utopia of a multicultural cohesive society which is so far detached from the truth can only leave the public with perception that Mr. Clegg is either delusional or a victim of substance abuse.

The answer for the future prosperity of Britain is clear in that Britain must defy the EU by reinstating strict requirements that anyone coming to Britain must have a job and will not be entitled to any form or welfare for at least 12 months.

The solution is not to ask the EU for permission but to tell it how our system will work; Britain is after all a sovereign nation and our laws should be created and upheld by the British Government and not some detached non-elected EU commissioner.

With this notion in mind the Prime Minister could related to the European Parliament that it has a choice; either comply with Britain’s request or Britain will pull out of the EU and send those who are not working packing; those countries retaining their EU membership would then have to foot the bill for caring for these economic refugees.

The British public needs to take a stance here and tell Mr. Cameron that his very job will depend on issuing demands from the EU in order to allow Britain to claw back and retain its sovereign powers.

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