Greed and Online Dating

Greed and Online Dating

GREED AND ONLINE DATING – Online dating is fast becoming a very perilous occupation for single middle-aged women for recent studies indicate that many are desperately lonely and therefore vulnerable to being conned.

You can’t build a relationship on a foundation of suspicion or distrust and therefore entering into any form of relationship with these issues in mind will ultimately condemn any relationship and make it impossible to form a close and loving bond.

Unfortunately as stated above the world of online dating is unquestionably dredging up stories of men masquerading as wealthy individuals in order to lure unsuspecting lonely females into handing over their life savings.

Today in the news is yet another such case where a homeless man, Christian Barber, lied his way into the lives of several victims claiming he was a multi-millionaire lottery winner with a string of hotels, resorts and luxury properties around the world.

The truth was of course somewhat more modest for Mr. Barber lived out of an old 2003 VW Golf and travelled up and down the country conning lonely women he met online.

In total Mr. Barber managed to con a number of victims and in the process pocketed some £43,000; after being found guilty a judge sentenced him to no less than 5 years in prison.

Online Dating Conman Christian Barber

Image – Right: Victim Christine Spencer, 57 / Left: Conman Christian Barber

I want to side-track here for I often moan and berate our judicial system over sentencing; that is the time an individual is imprisoned for their crime.

Earlier today I published an article on WH Smith whereby they took the decision to withdraw their ‘Honesty Boxes’ from a number of their outlets due to people being dishonest at paying the correct amount for a newspaper; some didn’t pay at all.


WH Smith Withdraws Honesty Boxes Because Customers are Dishonest

Within the article I gave my views as to what is perceived as a petty crime where in fact the word or rather notion of ‘petty’ shouldn’t exist; it is a crime, pure and simple.

To highlight the issue of Mr. Barber’s sentence I would like to refer you to another article; this time to that of Denis MacShane a politician who defrauded the taxpayer out of nearly £13,000 and who was sentenced to just six months and was subsequently released after just six weeks.


Expenses Cheat MP Denis MacShane Released from Jail After Just Six Weeks

I think you know where I’m going with this but I’ll cover the issue regardless… Here we have a homeless man versus a politician.  Pound for pound Mr. Barber received a sentence some ten times that of Mr. MacShane which goes to show you just how crooked the system is when it comes to those people who are supposed to lead the way in honesty and moral integrity.

I’m not berating the sentence that Mr. Barber received for it was just but it was certainly unjust that Mr. MacShane managed to get off so lightly considering the gravity of his crime.

Back on point…

There are obviously some of the victims who were genuinely misled, but from the original report it appears that some were just plain greedy; with one ending a stable relationship after Mr. Barber inferred he was extremely wealthy.

Another lure Mr. Barber used was to tell his victims that he would lavish them with a luxurious lifestyle and rid them of any debt; yes the lure of such wealth is a powerful force and one that obviously resulted in the victims feeling ashamedly gullible.

I have to say that whilst some of the women involved might well have been looking for true love it is apparent that some were looking to ride the gravy train and as a consequence to their financial desires they were blinded by greed.

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