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Growing Issues with Romanian Immigrants Across Europe

Growing Issues with Romanian Immigrants Across Europe

GROWING ISSUES WITH ROMANIAN IMMIGRANTS ACROSS EUROPE – The UK news scene is awash with articles of Romanians and Bulgarians pouring into the country just 24 hours after the restrictions of movement were lifted; some news outlets are even reporting that the public sentiment is something akin to ‘end of days’.

The Daily Mail published a number of articles this morning; one regarding a Romanian family living in squalor in a makeshift campsite in Sweden. A woman interviewed talks of hardship as some 30 families live in squalid conditions with little or indeed no option or prospects.

Roma Camp Sweden

She talked of how she was once a maid in Spain but after the country’s economic crash she was left without work and there were simply no prospects to be seen in Romania and so she, her husband and child now live in a makeshift camp in Sweden.

From the reader’s comments there appears little or no sympathy for her plight with many stating that living in squalor and filth is a lifestyle choice for the area wasn’t such until they took up residency.

Roma Camp Sweden - Image 2

The reader’s have a point; the area certainly didn’t have the appearance of a local rubbish dump prior to their arrival; the consensus therefore is that you reap what you sow and nobody has to live in such conditions if an effort is made.

It also gets worse for the family, including the other 30 families living on the camp site, who all engage in crime in order to support their daily needs.

Read full article … Daily Mail

Moving across the Chanel and already police and immigration officers are rounding up Romanians and Bulgarians who had no legal right to enter the UK.  The Right of Free Movement does come with certain restrictions; one critical area being that migrants must have employment or the ability to financially support themselves.

Again the Daily Mail has published an article on the current situation around Marble Arch and Park Lane as Romanians set up camp sites and systematically turns the areas into little more than rubbish tips.

A number of Romanians who were rounded up yesterday barely spoke English and some had admitted coming to the UK in order to obtain free health care.

Read full article … Daily Mail

This certainly is a test of humanity for European countries as they are being asked to basically absorb the populations of two countries due to their economic situation.

Illegal Immigrants Rounded Up in London - Image 2

Of course their economic plight has little or nothing to do with other EU members states; after all they didn’t get a vote on those elected or a voice on how their economy was operated.

Certainly there is a humanitarian aspect to consider here; UK citizens, along with other EU member nation states, don’t want to appear inhumane or unsympathetic to the plight of the Romanian and Bulgarian people; after all no one in the modern age should live in abject poverty and perish from curable ailments.

However, this really comes down to an attitude issue for it clearly appears that a number of Romanians and Bulgarians have no intention of working and therefore becoming productive members of society in their chosen host country.

Instead it appears as if they are more than content to bring their existing problems with them; that being the contentment of living in squalor and resorting to crime in order to fuel their daily needs.

Illegal Immigrants Rounded Up in London - Image 1

Each and every person has a choice and when an opportunity, such as the right of free movement, presents itself we should grasp such but not with the remit of being able to pervert the opportunity but rather to use it for the betterment of our living standards.

The ‘End of Days’… yes that’s the phrase being bandied around as more taxpayer’s across the European Union feel that the right of free movement simply gives Romanians and Bulgarians the ability to move in and recreate the squalor and criminal activities reflective in their own countries.

Currently UK police and immigration officers are arresting and deporting those who have entered the UK illegally but many fear this is simply a merry-go-round with no positive resolution for they will simply return; right after the taxpayer is forced to pay for a one-way airline ticket back to their country of origin.

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