Halal – Sickening Slaughter of Animals Continues Unchallenged

A worker at a halal abattoir has been sacked and three others suspended after being filmed breaking strict rules on slaughtering sheep.

The men could face prosecution for the ‘horrifying yet routine abuse’ captured by animal rights campaigners using hidden cameras.

Slaughtermen at the Bowood Lamb abattoir in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, are seen ‘hacking and sawing’ at animals’ throats in apparent contravention of Islamic practice.

Daily Mail


Once again we are subjected to the inhumane way Islam deals with anything it considers beneath them.

Yes we are continuously subjected to the atrocities perpetrated against other people but far too often we overlook the vile religious practices that animals are subjected to.

Read the Daily Mail’s article and then watch the video produced by Pat Condell who aptly describes the issues we face with the religion of peace but invariably turn a blind eye to.

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