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Half of UK Citizens Battling Depression

Half of UK Citizens Battling Depression

HALF OF UK CITIZENS BATTLING DEPRESSION – According to a recent health survey some 45% of all UK citizens are battling from depression and the numbers are rising at an alarming rate.

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Let me tell you a little story… Some 5 years ago I lost everything; in fact when my little world came crashing down I was left with the princely sum of just 93p.

Depressed?  Well yes and at the grand old age of 44 I really couldn’t see a way forward; that is I felt that my life really didn’t have a future.

The only saving grace at the time was my attitude towards life in that I’m a belligerent old bugger and I wasn’t going to have anyone tell me I needed to pop a pill or seek counselling from some shrink.

You might refer to this as the old Bulldog Spirit or the attitude of the British ‘Stiff Upper Lip’; whatever you call it one thing was for sure; I wasn’t going to let the buggers grind me down and viewed the situation with the mindset that if your backside is on the floor then there’s no place else to go but up.

For my regular reader’s you will know that is just over a year old and to be honest it has been my saviour in keeping my sanity and being able to look upon life in a whole new light.

It all started when I was having a conversation with a few friends in which we were all discussing the issues facing Britain.  I gave my rendition to the problems Britain faces, and indeed the world, and possible solutions; it was then that my friends suggested I start a blog.

Yes was created on a whim if you like but I quickly found out that it provided me with an enormous amount of relief and I quickly discovered by airing my views (rants if you like) that I was no longer depressed.

What really causes depression?  I discovered during the initial period of being ‘depressed’ that it is generally our inability to see a way forward; that is no matter how you look at life there doesn’t appear to be any light at the end of the tunnel.

With I find that I need to read an awful lot in order to see both sides of any debate; sure I don’t always get it right but that’s all part of being human.

I was once asked, considering all the bad news, if what I read doesn’t simply depress me further but the reality is, for me at least, my opinions provided me with an enormous relief; I could finally in my own mind put the world to rights or at least attempt to bring greater awareness to the issues I feel to be important that ultimately affects us all.

I am not alone… one of the great things about is that you too can find release by submitting your opinions; yeah OK I’m shamelessly plugging but you might just find it’s the release you are looking for… post your opinion

Now I want to explore what really causes depression.  I’ve listened and read vast amounts of political ramblings from all spectrums of the political arena but it has to be the Labour MP and devout socialist Tony Benn who really hit the nail on the head.

His ideology refers to control; that is how a government can control a population effectively with almost complete and utter civil compliance.

The first stage is to ensure that you make the population sufficiently poor and ignorant. It could be acknowledged that through taxation and today’s austerity measures we have become poor.

Ignorance takes on many forms not just including the basic lack of education; yes education standards in the UK undoubtedly appear to be falling.  However the population doesn’t simply have to rely on schools and universities in order to enlighten us we can and should take it upon ourselves to self educate; that is to take an interest in the world around us and find possible solutions.

The second stage involves making us fearful; generally fearful from terrorism and economic stability.  If you think about this stage carefully you will be able to admit that the Government have done an outstanding job for we fear those living within what is nothing short of segregated communities and we have openly accepted all manner of austerity measures in order to stave off national bankruptcy.

The final stage is what really causes depression and that is pure despondency. We now, through the voice of our politicians, are despondent about our future and the future of our children.

We toil night and day to scrap a living with no sight of the light at the end of the tunnel… with the threat of terrorism, a financial meltdown, years of austerity ahead, rising taxes and a country being overrun with migrants all looking for a handout it is clear to see why the population has slipped into the state of depression.

Yes things don’t look that great but in all honesty most of what we are told by our politicians is simply a lie in order to keep us fearful, ignorant, despondent and depressed for once depression sets in you can then full control a population by promoting and dispensing drugs that are supposed to make us more optimistic.

I know you’re probably thinking I’m now on a ‘conspiracy theory’ trip but the evidence is clearly there in that our democracy has long slipped by the wayside and that most government decisions are based upon what the large corporations want and they achieve this through lobbying and providing vast amounts of money in order to support the political persuasion they feel will assist them in making even greater profits.

Let’s go back to… One of the most remarkable things I discovered during the initial few weeks of operation was that there were people out there with far more problems than myself and therefore I stopped worrying about my own problems and focused on the plight of others.

I’ve written articles where children have died from cancer, I’ve written articles on love, hate, religion, politics, music, entertainment and so much more and the more I write the more I feel privileged to be able to give my opinions and have an insight into other people’s lives; often those who have suffered or are suffering far worse than I am.

I’m human and there are times I still feel a little down.  The truth is that I might never recover fully from my financial downfall but I have a partner who supports me and we generate sufficient revenue to pay for the server that hosts

The next time you’re feeling depressed pick up a newspaper or better yet go online and scour through the news and you’ll soon discover that by focusing on other issues you’re problems will pale into insignificance.

Finally remember the three stages of how to control a population and know that you are strong enough not to be forced into ignorance, despondency and finally depression in order to allow a government to ultimately control you.

This is simply my experience and my opinion; you may of course choose your own path and have an opinion of your own.

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