Hamas Fires Rockets at Israeli Cities after Gaza Offensive

by Editor | July 9, 2014 2:05 am

BBC – Palestinian militants have fired more rockets at Israeli cities after the start of a major air and sea offensive by Israel in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas launched several missiles toward Jerusalem on Tuesday night but did not hit the city. Earlier, Israel also intercepted a rocket fired at Tel Aviv.

The attacks come after a day of multiple Israeli air strikes in Gaza, which killed more than 20 Palestinians.

Israel has accused Hamas of firing hundreds of rockets in recent days.

“No other country lives under such a threat, and no country would accept such a threat,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement on Tuesday evening.

“We have therefore significantly expanded our operations against Hamas and the other terrorist organisations in Gaza.”

Israel has warned it may send ground troops into Gaza to stop the rocket attacks. It has authorised the call-up of up to 40,000 military reservists. Hundreds of reservists have already been drafted to bolster forces around Gaza.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas demanded that Israel immediately stop the raids on Gaza and appealed for calm.

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