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Happy Birthday Meebal

Happy Birthday Meebal

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEEBAL – Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun; or in our case writing about what’s going on in the world and giving an opinion on a multitude of issues.

The first year of any business reveals an awful lot and whether it’s worth the time and effort that has been put in to keep the business operational.

I still remember’s first day; we produced just two articles and we had a total of five visitors. Yes there wasn’t much of a fanfare but those five people who did read what we had to say appeared to enjoy the content.

So how far has come?  We managed to attract a total of 105,896 visitors which is surprisingly good for a business that spent a total of just £210.00 to get the website operational and whose marketing budget was exactly £37.84; that’s what was in the bank account and we blew the lot on tea and biscuits – well what sort of marketing could we possibly undertake with such a sum?  Besides they were chocolate biscuits so that’s all that needs to be said on the matter.

Happy Birthday Meebal

Our visitors have come from far and wide; literally from Timbuktu, Britain, Thailand, Samoa, the US and indeed pretty much any other country you care to mention.

Of our readers we’ve managed to generate a loyal following; which really is testament that people like what we write.

Sure we’ve written some articles that have caused offense, but we’ve also provoked thought and certainly amused a lot of folks. All in all from the feedback we’ve had it appears our content is well received. remains a very small team, me and my partner and Herbert the Hamster who really does have a fixation with his wheel and empty toilet rolls; he’s also extremely partial to a chocolate biscuit and it’s a good job he’s got that wheel for exercise.

Yesterday evening I discussed the possibilities of maybe taking a small salary; my partner laughed at me and hung up the phone; such is life and certainly understandable when looking at the finances.

During the year, from its advertising, has generated the princely sum of £19.52; yes not much room for a salary and the chocolate biscuits are now well beyond financial reach – besides Herbert is still extremely overweight so it’s not a bad thing.

Like any business we have costs; there’s the internet connection and hosting which combined come out at approximately £45.00.

So what does the future look like for  We think there’s mileage in our two page business plan and it’s much better than being unemployed.

There are times when writing content each day gets a little weary but to tell you the truth, the content is wide and diverse and so there’s always something to pique the interest and we still have a passion for reporting an injustice.

It is a 7 day a week job, but like any business you can’t expect something out of it if you don’t put in the effort.

We’ve managed to raise sufficient funds to keep the lights on for the next year, which is a relief, and so we’ll continue to provide an opinion on what’s going on and we hope that you’ll continue to support us by visiting regularly, leaving the odd comment or two and indeed most importantly sharing our content across your social networks.

Thank you for your support during the year – it is very much appreciated and we will continue in our endeavours with the pursuit of attracting more visitors.

Who knows chocky bikkies could be back on the menu in no time; but I’ll be hiding them from Herbert.

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  • Matt Owens Rees

    Happy birthday and let’s hope you have many of them. Keep up the good work of fearless reporting on world issues in such a readable way.

    • meebal

      Cheers Matt – Again we’ll continue to allow people to air their views in order to create greater debate on world issues and indeed perceptions.

      In the meantime Herbert will be fine … he’s still grossly overweight despite the wheel.