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Harriet Harman Continues to Attempt to Distance Herself and the NCCL with its Affiliation to the Paedophile Information Exchange Group

Harriet Harman Continues to Attempt to Distance Herself and the NCCL with its Affiliation to the Paedophile Information Exchange Group

HARRIET HARMAN CONTINUES TO ATTEMPT TO DISTANCE HERSELF AND THE NCCL WITH ITS AFFILIATION TO THE PAEDOPHILE INFORMATION EXCHANGE GROUP – It’s unquestionable that Harriet Harman has been put through the mill over these last few weeks and despite constant calls for a public apology Harriet Harman appears adamant there is nothing to apologise for.

The video above is an interview with the BBC’s Newsnight programme and it is clear that Harriet Harman really doesn’t want to answer the core questions posed by the Daily Mail and now the general public.

With such indignation it is little wonder why the public often feel so deceived by politicians, for they are adequately skilled in attempting to avert or simply bury the truth.

In the opening part of the video,Ed Miliband stands to defend Harriet Harman; declaring her a person of the highest integrity… it’s a show of solidarity that might now threaten his very job as more revelations come to light about the National Council of Civil Liberties ties and involvement of the Paedophile Information Exchange group (PIE).

Tom O’Carroll, a man convicted of a number of child sex offences and who was once referred to by the media as ‘one of the most infamous perverts on earth’ was also the man who led the Paedophile Information Exchange group and who in a frank interview with the BBC stated that the NCCL never questioned its affiliation with PIE or in fact attempt to have its affiliation removed.

According to Mr. O’Carroll, in the eight years that PIE was given affiliate status with the NCCL he spoke at the NCCL’s 1977 Spring conference; this came just two years after he helped lead a campaign that members hoped would cut the age of sexual consent to just ten.

The reason that Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey or Patricia Hewitt didn’t seek to have PIE’s affiliation removed, according to Mr. O’Carroll, was simply because none of them wanted to ‘rock the boat’ and or more importantly ‘put their careers at risk’.

Mr. O’Carroll’s statement leaves us now wondering if Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey or Patricia Hewitt where openly prepared to allow children to be abused for the sake of their careers.

Within the video interview above, the issue of a document arose in which involved a move to change the law regarding the photography of young children in engaging in sexual activities; it was Harriet Harman who insisted that the law should NOT make this an offense unless evidence was provided that the child was harmed.

Jack Dromey, Harriet Harman’s husband and MP, came out and declared that everything Tom O’Carroll said was complete and utter rubbish and that his accusations had no credibility.

The Daily Mail continues relentlessly with this story in order to achieve two things; the first being to uncover the whole sordid details and finally get Harriet Harman to publicly apologies; something that she continues to do.

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