Hate Preacher Abu Qatada Wins Injunction to Stop People Protesting Outside His House

HATE PREACHER ADU QATADA WINS INJUNCTION TO STOP PEOPLE PROTESTING OUTSIDE HIS HOUSE – Adu Qatada, the most hated Islamic Cleric in the UK has won a court injunction that forbids anyone from protesting outside his home and harassing him or his family.

Radical Hate Preacher Abu Qatada allowed to stay in the UK because of the Human Rights Act 1998While Judge Silber stated that this injunction did not prevent orgainisations from protesting against Qatada it does prevent people from protesting outside his home directly or within 500 meters of his home.

His real name is Omar Othman and he has been linked directly to a number of terrorist activities and although the Government has tried, and continues to do so, to deport him, the Human Rights Act is preventing any such deportation.

Due to the fact that the UK Government is unable to deport him, the British Taxpayer is forced to foot the bill for housing him, his wife and children and providing financial support through the benefits system.

The injunction was sought, and granted, to prevent organizations such as the English National Resistance, Britain First and the English Defence League groups from protesting against the continuation of Government financial support and the failings of Government in being able to deport him.

The judge allowed the injunction to protect Qatada from harassment and activities that were, as his lawyers put it in the petition, to stop ‘terrorising’ his children.

The groups did oppose the injunction stating that such an injunction would infringe upon their rights, under the European Convention on Human Rights, for Freedom of Expression and the Right of Assembly and Association.  However, the judge, in summing up dismissed their case due to the stress and terror their activities were causing to Omar and his family and particularly his children.

After more than a decade of living in the UK and engaging in known terrorist activities Qatada once again clearly shows just how broken our justice system is.  It is no good blaming the Judges for they can only administer the law as made by Parliament and perpetrator here is Tony Blair and his creation of the Human Rights Act 1998.

We have now become a country that is tied and gagged by the Human Rights Act.  We are no longer able to simply see that something is clearly wrong and act upon it to put it right.  We must now accept that any criminal, including terrorists, have a right to live and reside in the UK at the expense of the taxpayer while they remain permitted to engage in known criminal and terrorist activities against us.

If you have ever wondered why the UK is now listed as the most violent country in Europe this case is only one of a handful that will make you fully aware of how and why that is the case today.

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