Have We Become Complacent About the News?

by Editor | April 26, 2014 6:36 am

HAVE WE BECOME COMPLACENT ABOUT THE NEWS? – It really doesn’t matter which newspaper or indeed internet news website you visit there isn’t much to choose between them other than their own erring towards a political flavour.

Each reports the news but in a different way and in doing so puts a slightly different spin on the issue.

Some news organisations even have their own army of columnists that are free to give their opinions but at meebal.com we are all about opinions.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not having a dig at any particular news service, in my view all are valid in that they provide a democratic outlet and therefore are essential to the greater picture that makes up the news that we consume on a daily basis.

The top dog, according to statistics, is the Daily Mail and recently its online news service the MailOnline apparently hit the No.1 most read online newspaper in the world; in November 2013 it reported its highest ever visitor rate that topped 168 million readers in a single month.

Yes it’s a staggering amount and with such user numbers it is little surprising to see the MailOnline posting first quarterly advertising revenue at an eye-watering £14 million.

I was recently asked if I have, since launching meebal.com, hardened or rather become complacent about the news that I read and write; this question prompted me to write this article.

I’m not your average newspaper reader that is I don’t pick up a newspaper and browse but rather attempt to read and absorb what is being reported.

It doesn’t stop there for I then have to consider how other newspapers are reporting the issue so as to get a wider picture and ultimately allow me to form an opinion.

You often hear some journalists talk about the wider or rather full picture; unfortunately that is a fallacy for a wider picture is certainly attainable but the full picture will always elude us for whilst most of the truth may be unveiled it is never really possible to get at all of the truth.

Most of what I read is deeply upsetting and plays on my emotions in a number of ways, from anger, despondency, fear and hate. There are of course times when the spirit is lifted at the level of human kindness and I can assure you there are times when I weep in despair at the level of depravity that I witness.

I certainly am not complacent about the news that ultimately affects us all and no I’m not hardened to it either.

If you ever take the position of writing an article you will then truly understand its merits and the effects it has on you as an individual.

Meebal.com is an opinions news website and therefore in order for me to write I have to be driven by whatever emotion is tugged upon on a particular issue.

Read any of our articles and you’ll find that they are passionate, some full of anger, others with hate and on the rare occasion, admiration but all are driven by conviction; this is not just attributed to me but also those who now passionately write for meebal.com.

Meebal.com, as many of our readers will know, is a small fish in a very large pond and on average we attract approximately 20,000 readers a month; yes it’s a far cry from the MailOnline but I’m pleased to say our readership is growing.

Obviously with the amount of reading I do it’s inevitable that I see ‘trends’ that is to say what news articles are shared and what people have to say.

If you ever do a little research you might be shocked for when an article is published containing human rights abuses, atrocities such as murder, rape and all manner of social issues these are generally not widely shared. However, post a video of a kitten playing with hedgehog and it’s likely to go viral.

On this note I have to ask whether readers have indeed become complacent about the serious issues in life; that is have we become so used to seeing pictures of dead children in Syria or animals being brutally farmed in China for their fur that we no longer really pay attention.

Why do videos such as Gangnam Style go viral?  Is it because we no longer want to face the harsh realities of life but rather immerse ourselves in something that requires no level of conscious thought?

One of the reasons I started meebal.com was so that I could express my opinions and indeed allow others to do the same and certainly I attempt to create a mixed bag of articles to ensure a wider readership but again some of the most popular articles on meebal.com are not ones that cover issues such as the loss of democracy, politicians stealing the taxpayer’s money or even the atrocities that are played out on the global stage day after day.

I certainly am beginning to wonder if people have switched off. I won’t say people have become complacent but rather they have simply become ‘hardened’ to all the perceived ‘bad news’ which often results in the lack of social media sharing and commenting.

I won’t sit here and attempt to laud my own work; judgement must come from the reader and ultimately we all perceive things differently but I do wonder if people really care or whether they simply want to shut out the noise so as to distance themselves from the ‘real’ issues humanity faces.

There is of course another aspect to consider; that being one of helplessness.  I’ve often heard that complaining or commenting on a situation doesn’t stop it from happening.

In respect to this ideology I would vehemently disagree, for the collective democratic voice of the people can in fact bring about change and there is evidence of this time and time again.

Last year David Cameron insisted Britain sign up again with the U.S.A and engaged in missile strikes against Syrian troops in order to aid the Syrian rebels.

The British public had already seen the devastation with what is still perceived as an illegal incursion upon a sovereign nation; that being Iraq.

Due to public outcry the House of Commons voted against any missile strikes; the view was that removing Bashar Al-Assad from power would ultimately allow a known terrorist organisation to take his place and therefore the entire idea of bombing a nation that would have unequivocally resulted in the deaths of innocent men, women and children for what was little more than a political advantage was morally reprehensible.

This clearly shows that by commenting and sharing news articles your voice, however small you might think it is, makes an enormous difference.

Whilst I will agree that the newspapers are mainly full of incidences we would rather not be subjected to, it is however our moral duty to read and absorb such information so that we can take action and work towards a more humanitarian society.

Let’s not become complacent about the news and certainly let’s not be hardened by it; for once we reach such a stage it effectively means we no longer care.

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