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Have We Taken Political Correctness too Far?

Have We Taken Political Correctness too Far?

HAVE WE TAKEN POLITICAL CORRECTNESS TOO FAR – Yesterday Tory Councillor Dawn Barnett, 72, was ordered to undertake ‘diversity training’ after claiming that golliwogs were simply nostalgic and certainly not racist.

When I was a child my mother knitted me a golliwog and apparently wherever I went, Fredrick the golliwog traveled with me; according to my mum, Fredrick and I were inseparable.

Life seemed so much simpler with common sense being the guiding torch to right and wrong and when we did do something wrong common sense dictated that we were punished for our sins.

At the grand old age of 4 my mother took me shopping one day.  The shopping trip was like any other; we boarded a bus and headed to the local shopping centre.

The bus was fairly busy and so I was sat next to a black man, my mother described him as an enormous man and apparently I couldn’t take my eyes off him.  The fellow obviously didn’t mind and mum told how he flashed me a huge grin and then in the innocence and ignorance of my youth I inquired… “Are you Chinese?”

My question was met not with gasps of horror or vilification but rather with roars of laughter; according to my mum the fellow couldn’t stop laughing all the way to the shops.

Fast forward 50 years and it’s likely that if such an instance occurred the 4 year old would be arrested for racial discrimination and forced to undergo ‘diversity training’… where did we go wrong?

I find the whole idea of ‘diversity training’ not only disturbing and dangerous but also highly offensive. The notion that we can be ordered to effectively undergo what is little more than brainwashing is a step too far in creating political correctness; and in my view is an attempt to keep us silent and under control.

Going back to Tory Councillor Dawn Barnett, I was astounded to read how she was forced to appear before a committee only to be cleared of ‘failing to treat others with respect and breaching the Equalities Act’.

As with all tasks undertaken by local councils the costs of such hearings is met by the taxpayer and you might think with austerity gripping every aspect of public spending, or at least that’s what we are fed, that such a hearing for what is nothing less that ridiculously trivial, would have been thrown out.

So why was Tory Councillor Dawn Barnett forced to attend a hearing on her conduct and why was she subsequently ordered to undergo ‘diversity training’?

Unfortunately, her comments provoked outrage on four separate but similar instances which in turn, resulted in a number of formal complaints being made from the council’s Black and Minority Ethnic Workers’ forum.

Yes it appears that there will always be those racially charged enough to take offense at the slightest opportunity; which has fueled ever increasing legislation to ensure that we never utter a single word that might be deemed offensive or rather racist, and if such an instance occurs legally force us to undergo regulatory brainwashing.

In the light of what occurred with Ms. Barnett, the local council has decided that it would be better if all councillors underwent the ‘diversity training’ programme; so not only is the council willing to waste vast sums of taxpayer’s money on political correctness they are more than happy to effectively force people to be brainwashed to ensure that our ethnic communities are not offended.

I actually come from a very diverse ethnic background and to be honest if I ever decided to make a living suing the local council for breaches to the Equality Act I’d probably be able to spend all day, every day, in court fighting for one type of compensation or another.

The trouble is political correctness has gone too far; in fact we are drowning in legislation created by liberals under the disguise of their ideology of creating the coveted multicultural cohesive community.

The issue with this is that the closer you look at programmes such as ‘diversity training’ you begin to realize that this is nothing less than the Liberal’s attempt to brain wash us so that we come completely compliant to their totalitarianism by having the ability to silence us.

I’m all for human rights and equality but creating legislation to produce such is not only misguided it’s socially damaging. We are supposed to be civilized, understanding and supportive of one another and the notion that these must be enforced through legislation simply shows just how ignorant we are as a species.

I’m with Tory Councillor Dawn Barnett on this one; for there is nothing racist about a golliwog and anyone who deems such a toy offensive has obviously undergone far too much ‘diversity training’.

We need to take a step back and ask why ‘diversity training’ and legislation such as the Equalities Act needs to be forced upon us… surely it is simply a measure in order to keep us quite and under control?

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