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Health and Safety Bans British Soldiers from Training in the Cold

Health and Safety Bans British Soldiers from Training in the Cold

HEALTH AND SAFETY BANS BRITISH SOLDIERS FROM TRAINING IN THE COLD – Health and Safety once again makes a mockery of Britain; in fact you could say that those pen-pushers are not only making our troops look extremely stupid but they effectively make them look incapable and therefore incompetent.

At the Allied Training Centre in Porsanger in Norway, temperatures often drop well below -25C but new health and safety regulations now state that no British soldier can train in conditions colder than -20C because it is dangerous.

I wonder if the Health and Safety idiots have bothered to consider life in the military; after all the Government readily sends troops over to Afghanistan and Iraq without proper and adequate equipment… would the Health and Safety pen-pushers now like to prevent such for certainly this is far more dangerous than getting a bit cold.

The public sector, now there’s a contentious area of public spending if ever there was one and as for the area of ‘health and safety’ it is often seen as a body which creates the most restrictive rules that effectively prevents us from working, playing or even living.

Yes, there are dangers lurking around every corner but I suspect to be accepted for a position in the Department of Health and Safety you must be an avid reader of every known medical journal with connotations that you’re suffering from every known disease and an avid reader of superstition, for only those living their lives in a complete and utter state of constant fear could possibly create half the legislation and rules that we are subjected to.

The base commanding officer Lieutenant Colonel Trond Thomassen, did confirm that British soldiers were not permitted to train in conditions where the temperatures dropped below -20C for this would be a breach of UK health and safety rules… I’m wondering if Lieutenant Colonel Trond Thomassen actually said that with a straight face; for I’m sure I couldn’t have considering how ridiculous and degrading it is to the British soldiers.

Is it any wonder why the rest of the world continues to sneer and snigger when the Prime Minister has the audacity to address the press and announce that Britain is still ‘great’ and that our military forces remain a formidable force to be reckoned with.

It is quite frankly shameful rhetoric; for the British Armed Forces have all but been decimated by Government spending cuts, not by attempting to reduce the public sector civil servants whose job it is to spend vast sums of money and then declare they don’t know where it’s gone… no, they cut the number of troops and reduce the equipment and training that effectively keeps them safe when defending the nations interests or the Government ideologies.

I am appalled and offended by this and previous Governments for their unwillingness to see the damage they are doing to our armed services and all the while willing to put people in harm’s way just to satisfy their own bloodlust.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage is the only politician I’ve witnessed to come out and say that if UKIP was in power they would bolster the number of troops, provide them with the right training and equipment, reduce significantly the number of friends and family members of ministers and MPs currently working at the MoD and finally through this, create employment and make Britain once again a major force in the world.

I would challenge any of my readers, regardless to their political persuasion, to write an article on a subject they are passionate about within the political spectrum. As a once staunch supporter of the Conservative Party I personally now wouldn’t give them the time of day and the more I write about all the political parties, the more I am convinced that they are all predominantly the same… that is they are little more than self-serving despot dictators hell bent on running Britain into the ground; or simply handing it over to their EU masters lock, stock and barrel.

Come the next General Election you might want to stop and ask yourself what the differences are between the major political parties that will be vying for your vote. If you care to write down a list I am sure you will find that there is nothing to choose between any of them and ultimately therefore your vote will be about as useful as Nick Clegg; yes completely and utterly worthless.

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  • Eric the Viking

    At these temperatures there is a real possibility of health damage.
    There is NO need to put any service people to this extreme “Test”.
    99.9% of all standard personel would Not need this training.
    The cost of life and limb (literally) is too great -
    for a simple example your teeth can freeze and break!
    You are wrong on this one