Heather Frost: Claiming Benefits for Her Horse

HEATHER FROST CLAIMING BENEFITS FOR HER HORSE – Only yesterday I wrote about Heather Frost and how we, the hard working taxpayer, keep her and her 11 Children.

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Heather Frost is just 36 years old and yet she has 11 children. She first became pregnant at the age of 14 by a man of 23, who was then sent to prison. Since the age of 14 she has now given birth to 11 children, is unemployed and is also a grandmother.

As you can read from the article above, it is the taxpayer who is providing for her and her brood and furthermore is having a luxury home built by the local council in order to accommodate Heather and her enormous family.

Just when you think it could not get any worse than this, it has been discovered that Heather keeps a horse.

Anyone who owns a horse will tell you that it is certainly not cheap.  For starters there are stable fees, food and often expensive vet bills, but that hasn’t stopped Heather Frost from owning one.

It is estimated that her horse is costing the taxpayer over £200.00 per month to keep, which includes stable fees, food and veterinary bills.

To top all of this off Heather recently negotiated a deal with the stable to house three horses, at a cost of £175.00 a month, as she intended to buy another two, but according to sources the deal fell through.

According to Heather she bought the horse about 8 months ago and has claimed to have had horses all her life.

“Benefits are there to provide a safety net when people fall on tough times, not fund an enormous house and a pony.” Taxpayers’ Alliance, spokesperson.

One part of the story that I missed out on yesterday was the Councils reaction to the new house they are building for Heather and her family.  The Council actually stated how proud they were in being able to help members of its community.  Given the light of Heather keeping a horse, the Council no doubt helps some a lot more than others.

Is it any wonder why people are enraged over people like Heather Frost?  This sickens me to the core.  Even yesterday’s revelations were sickening enough but to have this thrown in the taxpayers face is just outrageous.

So there you have it.  This is the society that the British live in.  The message from the Government is clear – Don’t bother working, it’s a mugs game.  Scrounge off those stupid enough to work hard and breed until you can’t breed any more.  Don’t worry about all those kids, the stupid taxpayer will look after them.

Don’t worry about housing the taxpayer will build you a luxury home.  Fancy a pet or two?  Help yourself, we the Government are used to squandering the taxpayers money on worthless schemes, immigrants, benefit cheats and scroungers.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the true face of Britain.

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