Hedgehog Takes a Bath

HEDGEHOG TAKES A BATH – I didn’t think Hedgehogs liked water and I never thought they would be buoyant.

Who would believe that a Hedgehog takes a bath and even more astonishingly floats. Watch this adorable video of Ragweed the Hedgehog taking a bath.

Just had to share this with you and hope you will post it.  This is the video of little Ragweed the Hedgehog taking a bath.  I am pretty astonished as just how calm the little fellow is and even more astounded that he didn’t mind the water, but to watch him curl up in a ball floating is just adorable.

Editor’s Notes – Thanks for the heads up.  How could we refuse to publish such a delightful video.  I’m sure our readers will love it as much as we did.  Thanks for the contribution.

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