Hilarious Scare Cams

by Editor | April 25, 2014 7:31 am

HILARIOUS SCARE CAMS –I’m pretty sure that you at one time in your life have been subjected to being the target of a scare prank; it could be something from as simple as a friend creeping up behind you and screaming to something even more elaborate.

Yes, it’s not funny; well it’s not funny if you are on the receiving end initially but most of us can attest that scaring the bejesus out of someone can be more than a little tummy tickling.

OK, on with the show for there’s not much I can say here other than watch the video below for these have been dubbed the 50 most funniest scare cams and some of them as you will see even backfire with hilarious results.

Go on, spend the next 5 minutes of your day and have a good laugh… certainly more laughter in the world wouldn’t hurt.

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