Home Secretary to Radically Shake Up Immigration Laws

HOME SECRETARY TO RADICALLY SHAKE UP IMMIGRATION LAWS – Theresa May, the Home Secretary, has announced that Britain is in for a radical shake-up of the current immigration laws and she fully intends to kick out illegal immigrants, terrorists and foreign criminals before they get a chance to appeal.

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As we have come to accept it is often difficult for the Government to deport an individual, no matter how heinous their crime, due to the Human Rights laws; but Mrs. May told the Daily Mail it’s time things radically changed for the better.

Mrs. May did point out that anyone deported will have the right to appeal but this will only be permitted once they are out of Britain.

In a reform of the law Mrs. May also intends to drastically reduce the number of grounds on which migrants may lodge an appeal – currently there are 17 grounds for appeal; the reform will see this reduced to just 4 grounds.

Currently the taxpayer is subjected to providing legal aid to some 68,000 individuals who lodge cases against the Government each year; Mrs. May says that the reforms could well reduce this by half.

We have seen many MPs condemn the Human Rights Act and the EU’s interference through the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and it now appears that the Tories may be ready to pull out of the ECHR in order to give Britain’s judiciary system back its full powers.

The Daily Mail asked the Prime Minister if the Government is considering a complete withdrawal from the ECHR to which the Prime Minister replied that this may indeed be the outcome.

The Prime Minister also went on to say that the Government must do whatever it takes to remove those who pose a threat to the British people and those how have no right to be here – this echoes the debacle of Abu Qatada and the 10 years it took the Government to finally deport a known terrorist; at the cost of millions to the taxpayer.

A look back at Abu Qatada's mockery of the British Justice System.

Source: Daily Mail

The Human Rights Act was conceived by the last Labour Party and it was designed to protect people from persecution; among other things.  Unfortunately, as we have become all too aware, the Human Rights Act has been little more than a barrier to deporting criminals, illegal migrants and known terrorists.

Of course it’s not just our own Human Rights Act that causes the problem for enshrined into the Act is Britain’s ties to the ECHR.

The ECHR has continuously blocked the Home Office from deporting some of the vilest individuals known to man, including Abu Qatada; which is often achieved under Article 8, the Right to Family Life.

The Home Office now wants to change the laws so that they are similar to those used in France; the French system does allow for the deportation of undesirables without being hampered by the ECHR.

Certainly Adu Qatada is not the only known criminal to be residing in the UK, among the thousands of others we have murderers, rapists, terrorists and all other filth you can imagine under the sun residing in the UK, mainly on welfare, and all because the ECHR will not allow them to be deported.

Source: Daily Mail

So why such a radical approach to a change in the laws and why now?  These changes, among many others, will all be announced during the course of the Tory Party conference – yes that’s right we have a General Election in 18 months time and so it’s now time the Government appeared to act on a number of pressing issues in order to claw back voters.

Late last week the polls indicated Labour on 42%, Tories on 36%, UKIP on 13% and Lib Dem on just 9%.  If the Tories are to stave off a humiliating defeat to Labour then it must appear to be tackling issues of vital national importance – that or form an alliance with UKIP; but that’s unlikely at this stage.

Are the intended measures enough? Well that depends on your point of view but I suspect this really is a weak attempt to woo voters – the Government could do an awful lot more such as providing an EU referendum before the next General Election; at least this would indicate to the British public that the Government is willing to provide a ‘democratic’ choice.

Expect a number of other announcements as we get closer to the General Election, such as changing the immigration policies and just the other day the changes to long-term unemployment benefit.

Here’s some of the schemes David Cameron hopes will claw back the voters:

Cameron Set to Trigger Dangerous Surge in House Prices

British Soldiers to Get Government Assistance for Buying Homes

Cameron Announces Greater Tax Breaks for Married Couples

UK Cracking Down on Unemployment Benefits 

It is interesting to note that over the last 3 years Nick Clegg, like a spoilt and petulant child, has blocked almost any changes the Tory Government has wanted to implement and yet this last week, with all the multiple changes suggested, not once has Nick Clegg disagreed – maybe he is now beginning to understand the mood of the public.

Expect more changes but remember that most will have little or no effect – they’ll just be half measure; that is applying a sticky plaster to an amputation in the hope the patient (Britain) won’t bleed out until they are re-elected.

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