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Honours Committee Says NO to David Beckham Knighthood

Honours Committee Says NO to David Beckham Knighthood

HONOURS COMMITTEE SAYS NO TO DAVID BECKHAM KNIGHTHOOD – Arise Sir Daivid… well not this year, as the Honours Committee ruled out providing David Beckham, along with Andy Murray with the coveted knighthood

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I’m sorry but I just don’t get it; that is how can anyone justify handing out a Knighthood to a bloke who just happened to become famous for kicking a ball around a bit of grass or in the case of Andy Murray whacking a small ball with a racket.

David Beckham Will NOT Get a Knighthood

I’m not suggesting the either David or Andy haven’t achieved great sporting heights but their professions have hardly achieved anything noble such as world peace, tacking famine or finding a cure for one of the many diseases that plague mankind.

The fact is that sporting personalities, TV stars, Movie stars and those in the Music industry shouldn’t have access to a Knighthood or any other award by the Queen.

The Beckham’s certainly can’t complain; after all Victoria is a pop star turned fashion designer whilst her husband made millions by kicking a ball about.  We really need to put this into perspective and award such titles to people who really make a difference.

OK, yes David gets about a bit promoting charities and the likes but anyone with his wealth should be doing the same and without all the media fanfare attached.

Each of his charitable attendances is of course carefully orchestrated by Victoria who will milk the media attention for all its worth; this in turn makes David a far more attractive proposition for advertisers, therefore generating even more personal wealth.

According to the Mail’s article the Committee argues that Knighthoods are being handed out like confetti; this was after Sir Bradley Wiggins rode his bike around France for a bit and picked up the Tour de France trophy… big deal.

As a personal achievement I’m sure Sir Bradely was delighted but was his achievement anything other than ‘personal’?  The answer to that is clearly negative for his ‘personal’ achievement didn’t solve world peace, cure millions of a disease or even feed a few hungry people.

It really is about time the Honours Committee took a step back and started awarding titles to people who provide a greater benefit to mankind; such as doctors, nurses, scientists, inventors and even corporate leaders who go beyond worrying about the balance sheet and provides greater benefits to humanity.

I’ve never met David Beckham but I’m sure he’s a nice enough bloke but his, along with the talents of other ‘celebrities’, should never be a pathway to being awarded a title by Her Majesty the Queen.

David Beckham has already been awarded Order of the British Empire (OBE) and that should be more than sufficient for any celebrity.

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